By Gina Obert on March 29, 2022

Spring Cleaning Your Small Business: 4-Step Retail Checklist

It’s the time of year for spring cleaning — out with the old and in with the new!

And just like you need a personal reset, your small business is likely due for a clean up, too. 

Our team of retail experts is going to outline the perfect four-step checklist to help you freshen up your shop and make sure everything is up to date.

Perform an Inventory Count

The first thing to check off your list is an inventory count.

It may not be time for you quite yet if you’ve done this recently, but in general, we recommend performing a cycle count every three months — in addition to your larger, yearly count.

Use your cycle counts to spot inventory discrepancies and account for shrinkage. You can also take note of what your best-selling products are and which are the slowest to move to help plan upcoming in-store deals and promotions.

Performing these tasks also makes it easy to adjust automatic purchase orders and low stock notifications, ensuring everything is completely accurate.

Order and Test Seasonal Products

The next spring cleaning task is to do seasonal ordering.

Do you run a small business that changes with the seasons? For example , if you have a garden center or nursery, you know that certain plants thrive in the spring while others don't. Or if you have a liquor store, there are certain liquors and craft beers that are just more appealing on a sunny day.

If this sounds like your small business, don’t forget to rotate your inventory based on the time of year. If there’s anything you can think of that customers get excited for a particular season, make sure you have it in stock.

If it’s your first time ordering a specific product, test out a small batch first to see how it sells. If the new product is a hit, you can order more or take note of its popularity for next year.

And if there’s anything leftover from the last season that you’re ready to move, running a promotion or significantly discounting these products will help you get them out the door.

Check on Your Small Business’ Marketing Efforts

The next item on your list should be a marketing checkup.

How’s your website looking? Are Google My Business and other social media profiles up to date? Make sure your business hours are accurate and remove any lingering promotions.

If you posted about jobs that you’ve already filled, double-check that they aren’t being promoted anywhere.

Your small business may utilize email campaigns to communicate with customers, and now’s a great time to make sure that content is up to date, too.

No matter where you promote your retail store, you want to make sure that what’s out there is still accurate and being updated in a timely manner.

Most potential customers will do their research online before stopping in, and you don’t want to frustrate them with any confusing information.

Refresh Your Store’s Visuals

Finally, since we’re talking about spring cleaning, it’s a good idea to do some actual cleanup.

If your shop gets mostly maintenance cleanings, this is a great time of year to organize your floor and back room inventory, and get rid of dust bunnies. The organization and cleanliness of your store affects the customer and employee experience — so do your best to make a positive impression.

Additionally, your decor and other visuals might need a refresh too.

If you’re going to run a promotion, design and print off some eye-catching flyers to put around your store. You can also freshen up signage that’s on your shelves, products, or at the register every so often.

It’s the little details that make a huge difference — and trust us — your customers will notice!

Managing Your Small Business Year-Round

Checking these four tasks off your list will ensure a successful spring refresh for your small business.

If you need help managing these, or keeping up with automation and reporting, learn more about our retail POS solution by contacting

Our team of retail experts supports thousands of businesses like yours, and we’d love to help you succeed, too.


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