Who is POS Nation?

There's lots of competition out there, so why should you partner with us?

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POS Nation is a Small Business — Just Like You.

We provide retailers with high quality, easy-to-use, plug-and-play point of sale solutions. Our team has had the pleasure of helping thousands of customers run their businesses more efficiently and profitably. 

We take pride in our ability to outfit businesses with customized, all-in-one POS solutions. Our wide range of products, low-cost delivery, and dedicated customer service combine to make us the premier provider of everything point of sale. And with the new release of CAP Retail, we now offer software with in-house R&D, so our customers will always have the most powerful, relevant features in their stores.

We Help Small Businesses Think Big

Our mission is to provide impeccable customer support in order to forge long-term relationships with each and every customer.

We’re going to make your life easier — that's the bottom line. It’s what we do and we're here to serve you.


We must win our customers' business every day.

Even after you've received your point of sale system and you're in action, we've got your back. For us, winning your business means supporting you for the long haul.

Obsess about being great.

We're not a team of people who clocks in and clocks out just to collect a paycheck. Every day, we strive to do our best.

The customer deserves now.

Customers come first. We get small businesses because we're one too — and we know how important it is to have a provider who's ready to help at any time.

You don't need a title to be a leader.

Not every employee is a "manager" in their department, but that doesn't mean they can't step up to the plate. We're proud to have a team of leaders who take the initiative to improve our business.

Deliver service our customers can brag about.

We pride ourselves in our customer service. Our team is quick, efficient, and friendly. We're happy to help you grow and find solutions to any problems at hand.

Results go on the board.

We set our own internal goals and stick to them. Plus, they're literally "on the board" for us to see on a daily basis — helping our team stay on track and continue to work hard.

Get better. Then get even better. Then do it again.

Our team of experts is always keeping up with industry trends and changes. The research we do ensures that your business has the latest and greatest technology in your storefront.

Trust the process.

Whether we're experimenting with a software feature or implementing a new piece of hardware, it's important to trust the process. And as a small business owner, there will be roadblocks along the way — but we encourage you to trust our expertise and know we'll get through any challenges together. We're on your team.

10k+ Customers

We have helped over 10,000 retailers and specialty store owners improve their business’ productivity and efficiency.

All 50 States

We’re called POS Nation for a reason! From Hawaii to Florida, we have relationships with customers all over the United States.

Since 2001

We opened our doors in 2001, and have continually evolved our solution to keep pace with modern retailers. During that time, we've accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge to better serve our customers.

$2B+ Payments Processed

We're a one-stop shop for all of your point of sale and payment processing needs. See what POS Nation can do for your business.

Meet the Team

There’s no wizard behind the curtain at POS Nation. Just people who love what they do, get along with their coworkers, and are obsessed with providing the best customer experience. 
Cort Ouzts
Spence Hoffman
Director of Sales and Product
Ryan Bates
Director of Merchant Services
Will Atkinson
Director of Channel Sales
Brian Sullivan
Product Specialist
Nate Frieberg
Product Specialist
Dan Albrecht
Product Specialist
Kelsey Summers
West Coast Product Specialist
Kevin Monteiro
Florida Product Specialist
Kyle Monteiro
E-Commerce Manager
Derrick Atkinson
Reseller Channel Manager
Natasha Jackson
Sales Support Coordinator
Niala Kalola
Digital Marketing Manager
Gina Obert
Content Marketing Manager
Graham Hoffman
Sales & Marketing Specialist
Jes Hoffman
Customer Success Manager
Josh Craddock
Customer Success Manager
Ian Tait
Customer Success Manager
Johnny Trinh
Customer Success Manager
Rea-Lynne Starbird
Customer Success Coordinator
Erik Plachta
Technical Support Manager
Scott Owen
QA Testing and Development
Duane Brennan
Fulfillment Manager
Adam MacDonald
Technical Support
Tim Harder
Technical Support
Travis Trout
Technical Support
Jared Elliot
Technical Support
Heather Hardaway
Technical Support
Brad Gibson
Technical Support
Andrew Russo
Technical Support
Kristin Churchill
Technical Support
Candace Gilman