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How do I contact tech support?

To directly reach the support department, call 704-405-5089 or dial 1-877-727-3548, Option 3 — they'll both get you to the same place.

You can also email us:

How can I schedule an appointment with the tech team?

If you have an active technical support subscription, you can schedule an appointment here

Not sure if you have technical support? Email our Customer Success team at to confirm. 

How do I set up my all-in-one computer?

Please watch our playlist of short videos on unboxing your POS system and setting up your all-in-one computer. You can access them here.

Additionally, our Knowledge Base carries a wealth of additional articles, videos, and guides on all things hardware related.

What tools are available to help me get my POS system running?
Every POS system comes with complimentary access to our online video training library. This will give your staff consistent information regarding the POS system’s features and functionality. Most customers find that upgrading to our monthly support plan, which includes unlimited training, offers great value and helps them minimize the learning curve.

Starting at $39.99 per month with no long-term contract, our monthly support plan is unmatched in the industry. Our friendly and experienced technicians have taught thousands of classes, so you'll be sure to learn your new point of sale system quickly and thoroughly with just a few hours of training!
How do I remove and replace the hard drive from my all-in-one computer?
Here's how to properly remove and install a new hard drive for your all-in-one computer.
What if I want to look up answers myself?
Sometimes it can be difficult to get an immediate answer to a question about your POS System. Or maybe you don't have a support plan and you need an answer fast. The solution is access to our online knowledge base
Does POS Nation offer any other services I should know about?
Of course! We are proud to offer additional customization services including mobile reporting, cloud backup, virtual back-office, inventory import, accounting integrations, and credit card integrations.
What warranty comes with the system?

Whenever you buy a complete point of sale system at POS Nation, your order comes with a manufacturer's warranty included in the price of the system. Depending on the bundle selected, you can receive between a two- or three-year manufacturer's warranty. If you decide to go with our monthly subscription program, you'll receive our lifetime warranty.

Additionally, if you happen to get a defective piece of hardware, we offer complimentary next-day replacement within the first 30 days of ownership – we’ll even cover the cost of shipping!

I forgot my software license code. How can I find it?
We typically email your software license code the day you purchase your system. Check your inbox for an email with a subject that includes "software registration and training", or just give us a call.
If I leave a voicemail for your support department, will you really call me back?
Absolutely! We have technicians standing by ready to assist.
What is PCI Compliance?
“PCI Compliance” is shorthand for the processes required to meet the payment and data security standards established by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. This organization, founded in 2006 by five of the major global payment brands (American Express, Discover, JCB International, MasterCard, and Visa), provides detailed guidelines on all aspects of payment card security for merchants and payment service providers, along with resources including self-assessment tools, tutorials, and lists of approved providers.
Does PCI Compliance apply to my company?
Yes. If you accept, transmit, or store credit cards, then PCI Compliance applies to your company.
Can I accept cards if I'm not compliant?
Yes, your business can still accept credit cards if you are not compliant, however, your risk greatly increases.
What's the big deal then? What happens if I'm not compliant?

Credit card and payment system data breaches in retail have been big news recently, and if your business is unlucky enough to make the headlines, the negative effects can be difficult and long-lasting. Re-establishing customers’ trust in your business is usually far more expensive than doing everything possible to prevent data breaches in the first place.

While PCI Compliance is not in itself an airtight guarantee of payment data security, it does cover many of the most common scenarios, significantly mitigating your loss potential. In essence, operating a modern-day POS system without being PCI Compliant is like driving a car without insurance: there’s no problem – until there’s an accident. Then the results can be anything from inconvenient to catastrophic.

In addition, data breaches carry real-world costs. Figures will vary depending on the size of your business, but they can run to:

  1. Forensic investigation of POS system: $10,000 to $20,000

  2. Reimbursements for purchases made using stolen cards (often, but not always, covered by card issuers)

  3. Replacing stolen credit cards: $20 to $30 per card

  4. Fines for non-compliance with PCI standards: Up to $500,000 with VISA and up to $200,000 with MasterCard

You've got my attention, how do I know if I'm PCI Compliant?
The best way to determine if your business is compliant is to complete the PCI DDS Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). There's a lot of resources online to assist with this, including the Council's website.
I'm still using Windows XP. Is this a problem?
Yes. As of April 2014, Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. Because of this, the operating system lacks current security patches and is increasing vulnerable to breaches. If you are processing credit cards on a machine running Windows XP, you are not PCI Compliant.
I'm still using Windows 7. Is this a problem?
Yes. As of January 2020, Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft. Because of this, the operating system lacks current security patches and is increasingly vulnerable to breaches. If you are processing credit cards on a machine running Windows 7, you are not PCI Compliant.
What are some basic steps I can take to ensure compliance?
As outlined in a recent blog article, there are twelve basic steps you can take to protect yourself.
If I purchase a POS system from POS Nation, will it be PCI Compliant?
Perhaps the most important question, but yes, all of our software and hardware ships out PCI Compliant. Although ongoing compliance is determined by our customers, we position every merchant to succeed and remain compliant.
How do I stay PCI compliant?

Remember that PCI Compliance is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. Hackers and cyber-criminals are constantly looking for new weaknesses in payment systems and networks, and while the biggest retailers make the news, small businesses are by no means immune.

The PCI DSS [Data Security Standard] outlines three broad steps in ongoing PCI Compliance:

I. Assess: Identify cardholder data, take an inventory of your IT assets and business processes for payment card processing, and analyze them for vulnerabilities that could expose cardholder data.

II. Remediate: Fix vulnerabilities and do not store cardholder data unless you need it.

III. Report: Compile and submit required remediation validation records (if applicable) and submit compliance reports to the acquiring bank and card brands you do business with.

What other useful resources are out there?
Several other websites dedicated to PCI Compliance exist such as PCI Compliance Guide and NDB Advisory.
Do I have to contact my sales representative every time I need additional supplies?

Not at all! You are able to purchase additional supplies, hardware, and more on our website. From extra thermal receipt paper to label printers, we have you covered.

Check out our online store here. Be sure to call us if you have any questions. 

Didn't POS Nation sell other point of sale solutions? What happened to those?

Existing customers on legacy software with current support contracts will still receive assistance through our best-in-class technical support department.

If you're looking for any of our acquired, existing or older software offerings, follow the links below:

- Bottle POS

- Cash Register Express

- CAP Retail

- RPOWER or Restaurant Pro Express

- The Perfect POS


Is there anyone who can't use POS Nation?
We pride ourselves on being the best fit for a select industries so we can continue delivering superior support and best-in-class software. 

At this time we do not support restaurant, hospitality, CBD, or cannabis businesses.