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By Kelsey Summers on December 10, 2020

The 6-Step Guide to Setting Up a Point of Sale System

For most business owners, setting up a point of sale system for the first time might feel a bit overwhelming. The fact is, getting set up quickly is integral to the success of the business, and without a seamless onboarding process, maximizing the effectiveness of the point of sale system from the outset is easier said than done.

There has to be a better way, right?

As an industry-leading retail point of sale system partner, we've fine-tuned our onboarding process to help your business make the most of its system right from the start. Today, hundreds of retail small businesses utilize our powerful software, and time and time again, our customers attribute effective system onboarding as one of the top drivers of successful system adoption and management.

The 6-Step Guide to Setting Up POS Nation's Point of Sale System

What's the secret to our powerful onboarding and set up process?

It starts with our onboarding and customer service teams.

We pride ourselves on having best-in-class customer satisfaction and support. These teams are committed to guiding you every step of the way. Moreover, we've made sure that our system is intuitive and easy to use. It doesn't take a degree in rocket science to use our powerful and effective point of sale software and hardware!

As a business owner or manager, your time should be spent growing your business; not paging endlessly through onboarding documentation. For this reason, we've designed a targeted training curriculum. During a live demonstration, we'll give you all the tools, resources, and know-how needed to get started – it's that easy!

In six easy steps, we'll show you how we help customers set up their POS.

1. Process Order

You've communicated your unique wants and needs to our sales team, and you've chosen the perfect point of sale system for your growing retail, liquor, or grocery store. You've signed our invoice and you're ready to get started!

Once you sign our invoice, we'll process your order through our sales support coordinator. Once your unique point of sale system is processed, our fulfillment team carefully packages your order and ships out your brand new point of sale system.

2. Assign Customer Success Manager

After your order ships, you'll be assigned a customer success manager. This person will serve as your internal advocate. She/he is responsible for ensuring a successful adoption and implementation of the point of sale system.

We don't stop communicating with our customers once the product leaves our warehouse. Your customer success manager will be there for every step, including unboxing, installation, adoption, and management. We are here to answer any questions or concerns that you may have!

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3. Plan With Your Customer Success Manager

Next, the customer success manager will review your order and configuration case.

Your CSM will send you a link to schedule your onboarding kickoff appointment. This 15-minute appointment allows your customer success manager to understand more about your business' unique needs. The appointment must be completed before you receive and set up your system. That way, we can set your business up for success!

Retail POS System Buyers Guide

4. Set Up Your Point of Sale Solution

Once you receive your system, the next step is to book your hardware setup appointment. During this appointment, you'll work with your customer service manager to successfully implement and test your hardware, register your software, and prepare for your initial training session.

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5. POS System Training

Following your hardware setup appointment, we recommend booking at least one software training appointment with your customer success manager. During this time, your CSM will train you on the most important functionalities that the POS system has to offer!

We believe here at POS Nation that this is a factor that allows us to stand out from the crowd. We can’t physically be there to guide you through the learning and discovery process, but we're always available to answer any questions or concerns that you have.

6. Activate Your Point of Sale Solution

Our main goal is to help your business "go-live" with the POS system; this means that you will successfully be processing payments for your customers! At this point, you can begin working with our 24/7 tech support team, who are there to help out with any training needs or technical assistance you may come across.

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Getting Started With POS Nation

POS Nation offers an all-in-one POS system to grow your business. POS Nation works with a variety of retailers ranging from independent owner-operators to multi-chain locations. Regardless of your needs, POS Nation offers a scalable POS system capable of growing your business. Now that you see how simple and stress-free it is to get your point of sale system set up, it’s time to take that next step.

We’ve created a downloadable, free, easy-to-read Retail POS System Buyers' Guide to help you get started on your search for a point of sale system. We feel communication is the key to understanding your wants and needs in a POS system, and we know the value of making the right decision the first time. Additionally, you can use our simple system builder below to get started:


Download the Free Guide

Whether you decide to do business with POS Nation or select another provider, knowing what questions to ask can help you get past the sales pitch, and to a solution that works for your business

Published by Kelsey Summers December 10, 2020
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