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Who Are Your Typical Resellers?

We work with a wide variety of resellers ranging from merchant service providers to traditional VARs — really, anyone that has contact with a POS system.

Our resellers also range in sophistication from IT professionals performing installs and training to people that simply give us a name and number to call (and then sit back and collect)!

How Do I Become a Reseller?
  1. Sign Up.

  2. Activate. Complete our reseller partner agreement form. With this activation complete, you will have access to introductory software training videos, advanced training time with expert technicians, and discounted reseller pricing. If you're ready to become an active reseller partner, you can complete both of these items right here on the web!

  3. Get Started. Now that you are an active reseller partner, it's time to sell! We take care of ordering, fulfillment, configuration, shipping, and services for your clients. We are here to help your business succeed!
Why Resell with POS Nation?

Having your own point of sale department for your business requires a lot of time and investment.

It takes

  • Establishing relationships with distributors
  • Finding the right hardware, negotiating pricing
  • Paying to become licensed with all the different software applications you need
  • Or even developing your own software.

These are just a few of the tasks that require extremely large amounts of time and effort in order to offer a quality point of sale solution.

Not to mention taking the risk of hiring a capable staff to run things. Searching out and shopping for different companies for your client is no straight forward task.

Wouldn't it be great to have a point of sale department without the risk of adding on an entire department to your business?

POS Nation has been doing this for almost two decades — and we want to be all of these things for you and more! Let us deal with everything from ordering to implementation.

What if I'm Not a Big Company — I'm Just an Individual That Knows Nothing About POS?

No problem at all. Give us a lead and stand down. We'll do the rest. Our referral program is designed to be flexible and work within your needs.

We can work with your prospect to develop a solution, configure their system, train them on the software, and provide ongoing support. You can simply collect your reseller income and not worry about a thing.

What About Economics?

The economics of our two plans are slightly different. For the referral program, you earn a commission based on the total invoice price of the system.

It's designed to be simple and straightforward. Depending on the size of the deal, you can expect to earn about $250 per lead. The full reseller program is more lucrative because the reseller is performing more of the work.

Most resellers like to work with the prospects themselves and maintain that relationship. So, instead of submitting a lead, resellers typically submit an order. Because this saves us time and energy, we're happy to pass along additional savings.

Your Guide to Becoming a Point of Sale Reseller for POS Nation

What Are Your Different Reseller Programs?



POS Reseller Program

Designed for partners who are committed to learning our products and running their own point of sale department for their business. We can provide resellers with in-depth training classes, access to demo equipment, 24/7 support, access to our full line of products and continuing education.

We're very flexible with how we structure our program, and we can meet your company's individual needs. For example, we can support your end users and bill them directly, or we can support the reseller and bill the reseller for all monthly charges - whatever works best for you.

POS Referral Program

Designed for partners interested in simply passing leads on to POS Nation to generate a fixed commission rate on every successful sale. Many merchant processors and payroll providers choose to refer deals as they are constantly in front of customers that would benefit from a POS system from POS Nation, but they do not have the time to invest in becoming a full reseller.

We will provide you with basic training and give you the essential talking points with which to discuss the value of our POS systems. This option allows for an easy way to enhance your current product offering by providing your customers with a full POS solution.

POS Nation Reseller Program

Request information about becoming a POS Nation reseller and we'll send you a company and product information as well as our reseller application.

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