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Here is a quick overview of how our Liquor Point of Sale System makes adding this valuable features easier than ever.

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Guide to Liquor Store Inventory Management

Need a better way to manage your liquor inventory? We've compiled our knowledge of inventory management into an easy-to-read guide, providing you in-depth features and steps to take your liquor store to the next level!

Features Built for Your Liquor or Wine Store

Faster Checkout, Easier Inventory Management, and the Reports Your Store Needs to Make Better Business Decisions

Trusted by Thousands of Beer Distributors, Liquor Shops, and Wine Stores, POS Nation Offers the Products Needed to Help Your Small Business

Mix and Match Bottle Pricing

Increase sales and move inventory by bundling liquor, wine, or beer into enticing deals. Learn more here.

Case Break Inventory Tracking

Easily track inventory by the case, bottle, or six-pack and let the POS system automatically account for case breaks. Learn more here

Manage Vendors and Create POs in a Single System

Stop wasting time keeping up with sales, inventory, and purchase orders separately. Track all your vendors in a single database, set reorder thresholds, and directly email your distributors.

Offer Customers Dual Pricing Options

With built-in dual pricing, also knowns as cash discount, customers can receive a percentage off their purchase if they choose to pay with cash instead of credit card. Learn more here.

Inventory Made Easier

Receiving a large delivery, counting shelves, or taking year-end valuation? Our mobile inventory feature and handheld inventory device will help you get the job done.

Know Which Vodkas are Selling and Which Aren't

With built in sales reporting and analysis, know which brands are driving your sales and profitability. This allows you to track sales by departments. Learn more here.

Never Turn Away a Sale with Multiple Payment Options Available

Gift card, credit or debit card, mobile payment, EBT, or cash? Our POS system can accept all of these options!

Unlimited Database of Items

Liquor stores have a large number of items, which can also make inventory a hassle. With POS Nation, never worry about how many products our database can hold. 

Loss Prevention and Reducing Shrinkage

It's one of the downsides of being a small business owner, but every retailer deals with it: inventory shrinkage. Instead of accidentally accusing an innocent employee or keeping a constant eye on your store, utilize our loss prevention features to minimize retail shrinkage. Learn more here

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Have questions that need answers?

Here are the top questions our customers are asking, answered by our POS system experts. 

How do I contact tech support?

To directly reach the support department, call 704-405-5089 or dial 1-877-727-3548, Option 3 — they'll both get you to the same place.

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How can I schedule an appointment with the tech team?

If you have an active technical support subscription, you can schedule an appointment here

Not sure if you have technical support? Email our Customer Success team at to confirm. 

How do I set up my all-in-one computer?

Please watch our playlist of short videos on unboxing your POS system and setting up your all-in-one computer. You can access them here.

Additionally, our Knowledge Base carries a wealth of additional articles, videos, and guides on all things hardware related.