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What Is a Retail Point of Sale Solution?

What is a retail point of sale solution?

As an industry-leading point of sale provider for retail businesses, it's a question we get all the time. If you're launching a new retail business, you might have heard the word "point of sale solution" floating around and you probably have a few questions as to what this type of solution is all about.

Fortunately, we've helped thousands of retail organizations find the best retail point of sale solution. In this pursuit, retail businesses from across the nation have created more streamlined and profitable businesses.

Are you ready to invest in a retail point of sale solution for your growing business?

What is a Retail Point of Sale Solution?

A retail point of sale solution serves as the central sales system of the business. Typically, the point of sale solution handles all sales, returns, exchanges, gift cards, loyalty promotions, discounts, and more. Moreover, advanced retail point of sale solutions handle other complex functions such as inventory management, reporting, and label and barcode printing.

Before you jump in, we recommend taking time to familiarize yourself with retail point of sale features and benefits. In this way, you'll be able to find a provider that delivers on all the great features and benefits that you need in a great retail point of sale system. Here is a top-line overview of system features and benefits:

Retail POS Features

The best retail point of sale vendors deliver the following features:

Label and Barcode Printing: POS Nation simplifies creating labels and tags for your products. With a single click, you can print scannable barcodes that will help you create a seamless and smooth checkout experience for your customers. Our built-in tool makes it easy to choose size and quantity and quickly print labels.

Inventory Management: If your business has a large inventory of products, you'll love having inventory management built into your POS system. With POS Nation, you can easily track what you have in stock, and manage purchase orders. You will also receive notifications when you have low or out-of-stock inventory.

Customized Hotkeys: You can use customized hotkeys to reduce checkout time. Instead of manually searching through PLU numbers, you can quickly look up produce or other non-barcoded items. These hotkeys virtually eliminate user error.

Customer Loyalty: Customer loyalty programs are essential if you want to turn one-time customers into repeat shoppers. POS Nation's built-in loyalty programs help you track buying patterns and create promotional campaigns so you can win new business and retain customers.

Retail POS Resources

POS Nation has a robust content library to help you with every aspect of getting started with a POS solution. Our library includes guides, testimonials from other retailers like yourself, videos, quizzes, and demos. Here are some of the best resources for someone just getting started with a POS system:

  • Guide to POS Hardware - This guide highlights each piece of hardware you need for your POS system, including the use cases and pros and cons.
  • The Retailers Guide to POS Systems - This guide includes step-by-step instructions and must-ask questions to help you choose a point of sales system that works for your business.
  • Welcome to the World of Retail POS - A quick video overview of the POS landscape, challenges that retailers face when shopping for a new system, and an overview of what POS Nation offers.
  • Your Journey with POS Nation - If you're wondering what it's like to be a POS Nation customer, this guide is going to show you. We're transparent about every step of our process and we'll walk you through every step of how we do things.
  • POS Nation Customer Reviews - Don't take our word for it. Hear from our customers and see what they love about working with POS Nation.
  • Why I Switched from Clover to POS Nation - If you currently have Clover for your POS, let one of our customers tell you why he chose to make the switch to POS Nation.

Retail POS System Buyers Guide

POS Nation Powers Retail Small Businesses

Finding the right retail point of sale software and hardware is an important part of running your growing business. And with so many solutions to choose from, finding the right solutions provider is easier said than done. To make matters more complex, most retail point of sale providers overcharge and underdeliver. You see, most vendors lack the features and support that your business really needs.

There is a better way.

POS Nation is known for having best-in-class customer satisfaction and support. With no hidden fees or long-term contract, POS Nation promises a 30-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, POS Nation offers the very latest features, including:

  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Customized Hotkeys
  • Insightful Reporting
  • Employee Management
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Sales Tracking
  • Security

To get started, we recommend completing our simple system builder below. With just a few clicks, you can build the retail point of sale system of your dreams.


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