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5 Amazing Retail Display Ideas to Reel in Customers

What are the best retail display ideas to reel in paying customers?

You’ve probably seen a few examples of retail displays on the internet —and luckily, there are hundreds of great ideas that you can lean on to guide your own efforts.

As an industry-leading retail point of sale (POS) provider, we’ve seen our fair share of amazing retail displays used by the world’s most successful small businesses.

We’re here to share these examples with you!

What are the 5 Best Retail Display Ideas?

Before we begin, it’s important to note that the most effective retail displays don’t promote your business; instead, they start a conversation.

You know what a great retail display looks like when you see it and, more than likely, you’ll tell your friends, colleagues, and family about it.

Are you ready to start a conversation with your own retail displays?

Here is a list of the very best examples that we could find.

1. Mounted Racks

The best way to preserve retail space and add visual interest to your shop is to mount your racks. For example, instead of clothing racks cluttering your retail floor, you might consider mounting your clothing racks on an adjacent wall.A mounted rack also makes it more convenient for shoppers to shop. Be sure to mount your racks at chest height to make it easy for shoppers to browse.

2. Interactive Displays

A digital interactive display is another great way to draw visual interest to your retail shop. However, it’s important to note that most advanced digital displays can end up costing business owners hundreds or even thousands of dollars.For some business owners, a great interactive display can be a bit of a cost burden. However, these types of displays do a great job of promoting your business, directing shoppers to attractive in-store sales, and more.

3. Reuse Old Items

The best way to save money is to reuse old items! We’ve seen some amazing displays of reused bicycles, watering cans, old bottles, and more.

Be warned! Use too many reused items and your display could look cluttered.

4. Incorporate Plants

We recommend adding a few plants to your retail display. It’s a great way to liven up any retail shop. As a best practice, consider incorporating multiple types of plants, including ferns, small conifers, flowering plants, and more.

5. POS Displays

Finally, a point of sale display is one of the best ways to improve your checkout experience. You can use your POS display to advertise upcoming sales events, business hours, and marketing promotions.

When was the last time you visited a retail store that incorporated some type of display during the checkout process? How did it make you feel? The most successful business owners go out of their way to maximize the effectiveness of their checkout experience. There’s no better way to delight your prospects and customers than adding a touch of visual interest to checkout.

Getting Started With POS Nation

If you’re interested in adding a POS display to your checkout process, we recommend investing in a next-generation modern POS system.

POS Nation powers thousands of retail small businesses nationwide. We offer advanced, easy-to-use features to help retail businesses exceed customer expectations.

Gotta Have It in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers its customers a range of sports memorabilia and man cave necessities. Peter turned to POS Nation’s hybrid POS solution to streamline business operations and checkout.

Getting started is easy! Simply schedule a free demo. During the short demo, you’ll have an opportunity to get hands-on access to our product. An expert product specialist will be on hand to live-answer questions and show you our broad feature set. 

Alternatively, you could complete our simple system builder to create the POS system of your dreams. Are you ready to get started?

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