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How to Start a Business in Georgia: 5 Essential Tips

Are you planning on opening a business in the Peach State?

The opportunities for small business owners are just as sweet as the peaches.

However, success isn’t always guaranteed.

A common mistake that most business owners make is rushing to open their doors. Unfortunately, failure to follow the right steps will surely result in disaster. We’ve seen this scenario play out time and time again...

So what does it take to succeed as a business owner in Georgia?

How to Start a Business in Georgia: 5 Critical Tips

Before we begin, know that you’re in good hands.

As an industry-leading point of sale (POS) system provider, we’ve helped thousands of small business owners and managers navigate toward rapid and sustained growth.

It starts with investing in the right POS hardware and software.

In most cases, the right POS system is one that’s built with your unique business in mind. POS Nation offers a customizable POS system purpose-built for retail businesses, including tobacco shops, liquor stores, convenience stores, and many others.

However, the success of your small business doesn’t solely depend on your POS system. We’ve seen small business owners in Georgia achieve amazing results by following the small business launch tips listed below. 

1. Register for Small Business Development Classes

Georgia is one of the few states that offers business training courses.

In fact, the Georgia Small Business Development Center offers the following programs: 

  • How to Hire Your First Employee
  • Using Google Analytics to Make Better Business Decisions
  • Master QuickBooks Online: Payroll
  • Reading Your Financial Statements 101
  • Grants for Small Business: Myths vs. Realities
  • Business Prep. Workshop

These types of courses are an effective first step toward building a successful (and profitable) small business in Georgia. 

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2. Create a Small Business Marketing Plan

There are plenty of high-value marketing tactics that you can invest in right now to start driving prospects to your small business. However, before committing to any marketing tactic or strategy, we recommend building a bulletproof small business marketing plan.

In short, your marketing plan should outline the exact tactics that you plan on committing to. Additionally, it should include anticipated results, goals, and objectives.

 Here are a few great marketing tactics worth pursuing:

  • Email marketing campaigns for new products or services
  • Special sales promotions on seasonal items
  • Social media advertising via Facebook and Instagram
  • Print marketing and in-store signage alerting prospects to new products

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3. Obtain Business Permits

You need to obtain the necessary business permits and licenses to open a new small business in Georgia. Confirming that your business is able to operate within the state is a critical step that you absolutely can’t afford to overlook.

We recommend consulting the following Small Business Association resource for detailed information related to required licenses and permits in the Peach State: Georgia Licenses, Permits, and Registration.

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Retail POS System Buyers Guide

4. Secure a Business Location

Next, secure a profitable business location.

The location of your business has a massive impact on the success of your small business. We recommend prioritizing the business locations that offer plenty of foot traffic. Additionally, your business should be located near major thoroughfares, including highways that parallel popular attractions and points of interest.

Of course, the cost of your location will differ from town to town and city to city. For example, opening a business in New York costs significantly more than opening a business in the middle of Arkansas. 

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5. Make Essential Purchases

There are a few essential purchases that you’ll need to make before opening day.

Here is a list of a few items that we recommend purchasing before opening your doors:

  • POS system
  • Security system
  • Business insurance
  • Industry-specific items like waiting room equipment, clothing racks, etc.

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Getting Started With POS Nation

If you follow this checklist, your business will be well-positioned for success.

Once you have a better understanding of the steps that your business must follow to open and scale successfully, we recommend partnering with a best-in-class POS system provider to kickstart business growth. 



Whether you choose POS Nation or another POS provider, you need to know whether you’re making the right purchase for your business. That’s why we developed a Retail POS System Buyers’ Guide to help you decide which retail POS system that best fits your growing retail small business.

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