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3 Steps to Find the Best POS System for Retail

Have you been searching for the best POS system for retail? There are a lot of POS solutions to choose from, and without careful planning, you could end up investing in a tool that doesn't fit your organization's unique requirements.

When it comes to finding the best POS system for retail, we've seen businesses make the same mistakes over and over again. You see, there's a tendency to prioritize cost over features. In this scenario, businesses end up investing in the cheapest solution with total disregard to the retail shop POS features that facilitate growth.

To find the right POS system for your retail business, you need to organize your planning process.

How to Find the Best POS System for Retail

Historically, retail businesses and organizations have relied on manual POS solutions. Unfortunately, these outdated systems don't offer the modern toolsets needed to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. Additionally, these legacy systems cannot grow alongside your retail business.

So, what's the solution?

Today, a new breed of POS systems exists. This solution offers the very best features, including world-class security, accounts receivable/accounts payable tracking, label and barcode printing, effective inventory management, quick transactions, and more.

To find the best POS system for your retail store, follow these simple steps.

1. Consult Third-Party Resources

There are many third-party resources that can help guide your preliminary search. These resources will give you a top-line overview of systems' features and functions. Popular resources include:

  • Capterra: Founded in 1999, Capterra is the number one provider of user software reviews. Their reviews allow you to compare different products to find the best product for your company at no cost to you.
  • G2: G2 was created to help business owners find the best software for their companies by providing user reviews, alongside product rankings and social data. Their goal is to make sure business owners are comfortable in their purchasing decisions, so they have the best chance at success.
  • Trustpilot: Trustpilot brings together both consumers and companies. By allowing this, companies can educate themselves on consumer complaints in order to improve their products to meet their customer’s needs. The site boasts over 98 million reviews and is in the top 1% of Alexa’s website rankings.
  • Software Advice: According to the Software Advice website, on average, it takes companies two years to find the correct software for their company. By using Software Advice’s service, they will help you find the right software within 15 minutes.
  • Consumer Affairs: Consumer Affairs is a for-profit company that provides consumers with a plethora of information, including reviews and ratings, news articles, buyers’ guides, and more. There is no charge for consumers who utilize the site’s features.

2. Create a Shortlist of POS Providers

After you've reviewed the major third-party resources, create a shortlist of providers that fit your unique business.

Here is a list of the features/provisions that you should prioritize in a POS provider:

  • Does the provider understand your unique industry?
  • Does the provider have a proven track record of success?
  • Does the provider offer the latest features/functions?
  • Does the provider offer customer service support?
  • Does the provider push routine updates to the software?

Make a list of the features that you need in your POS software and see if each provider meets your requirements. Some of the most important retail shop POS features include:

  • Inventory control
  • Sales reports
  • Employee tracking
  • Custom barcode printing
  • Equipment rentals
  • Tip tracking
  • Online ordering

3. Request a Software Demo

Ask for a software demonstration. A software demo gives you a personalized walkthrough of the software and allows you to review the systems' core features/functions before purchasing the product.

It's an excellent opportunity to learn more about the software’s inner workings before spending any money. This is the time to talk with a knowledgeable human and ask essential questions you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Request a POS software demo and see how we can help your retail store.

POS Nation Powers Retail Businesses

There's a reason why more retail businesses partner with POS Nation. We offer inventory control, sales reports, employee tracking, custom barcode printing, and many more features, in addition to best-in-class customer support.

To date, we have helped over 10,000 merchants. To guide your purchasing decision, we've created a simple Point of Sale System Buyer's Guide that provides you with all the information you’ll need to decide which POS software is right for your business’s needs.

Because we believe in making sure our customers are happy and purchase the right POS system for their needs, we will be honest with you. We will tell you if we aren’t a good fit for your company, so you can continue searching for the proper system.

​We ensure that each customer gets a POS system that fits their needs and their store. If we're not a good fit, our product specialists tell you that, so you can get the best solution for your business. Learn more about the POS system that works best for your unique business by downloading your copy of the Point of Sale System Buyer's Guide.


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