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Point of Sale System for Retail: 5 Unique Features

What does it take to succeed as a small business?

In most cases, small business success starts with a powerful small business POS.

The fact is, most small business POS vendors overcharge and underdeliver. In many ways, POS providers simply fail to offer the unique features your business needs now and into the future. Before long, you've wasted valuable time, energy, and capital on a small business POS solution that just doesn't serve your unique needs.

As a small business owner or manager, you probably don't have all the time and money in the world to waste on ineffective POS software and hardware, right?

Point of Sale System for Retail: 5 Unique Features

In your search for a high-value POS system, prioritize the vendors that offer the most essential features. POS Nation offers powerful features designed to serve your unique business and industry, including retail, liquor, grocery, and more. Retail POS System Buyers Guide

Read on to learn more about the unique features that can make all the difference for your growing retail small business.

1. Security

Unfortunately, just one security breach can ruin your business. POS Nation supplies best-in-class security to prevent breaches and other security threats. With pre-built reports, you can keep track of virtually every aspect of your business.

Additionally, POS Nation offers advanced technology for protecting customers' credit card information. The application itself never deals with credit or debit card numbers in an unencrypted state. Therefore, critical data never gets stored in our database, meaning that both you and your customers are protected.

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2. Label & Barcode Printing

You must be able to print your labels and barcodes inside the retail ecosystem. POS Nation allows you to print them efficiently, so you have them on hand quickly. With one click, you can have labels and tags printed to create fast and efficient customer service. Use the built-in label tool to determine quantity and size, and then start printing. The system also instantly adds new items to the print queue.

Printing labels and barcodes quickly is essential when you're in the middle of a rush and need a barcode fast. Having quick printing technology will keep your sales smooth and will keep you from getting stuck — creating happy customers and more sales for your business.

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3. Customer Display

Customer display shows the customer what they're purchasing while it's added to their order. You can also use hotkeys to look up produce and other non-barcoded items. You can sort the products to navigate things and prevent cashier errors quickly. Hotkeys reduce checkout time by taking away the need to sort through PLU numbers. This time-saving option can add up and help ensure more sales and more happy customers — making everyone happy in the end.

The customer display also shows any discounts given, and it can run full-color ads for the location while not in use.

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4. Employee Control

Employers need to have employee control, knowing who did what, which not only applies to sales, but voiding invoices, opening cash drawers, returns, and all the things that may fly under the radar. The system makes it easy to track employees and where the money is lost — contributing to better security and improving training techniques by teaching employees how to avoid mistakes.

This can also contribute to better security and improve training techniques by teaching employees how to avoid mistakes. Employee management can be pain-free with our software. Gauge productivity, manage the clock in and clock out schedules, set employee pay rates, program security levels, and permissions, and improve staffing decisions.

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5. Inventory Management

POS Nation's inventory management gives you the ability to insert and track inventory across the system quickly. Stock is significant for businesses, as it will tell you what you have and don't have--and you need it to be as accurate as possible. Inventory inaccuracies can create plenty of problems and confusion when they cannot get under control. We have a solution to prevent that problem.

Know what's in stock, organize purchase orders, receive re-order points to restock low or out-of-stock inventory, and streamline inventory accounts all with a handheld device. This portable technology can save a great deal of time that would have been spent with pen and paper and on the computer. Saving time creates more time for other needed tasks.

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POS Nation Powers Retail Business Across the Nation

These common problems come in addition to dealing with mandatory monthly fees, unreliable technical support, long-term contracts, generic software, required payment processing, flashy hardware, and much more. Are you ready to ditch these issues and finally get the software you need?

POS Nation offers round the clock technical support, flexible payment options, only features you need and nothing you don't. POS Nation works with a variety of retailers ranging from independent owner-operators to multi-chain locations. Regardless of your needs, POS Nation offers a scalable POS system capable of growing your business today and well into the future.

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