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5 Fall 2022 Trends to Try at Your Retail Store

The retail industry is dynamic — it’s constantly changing.

And after a couple years of adjusting to unexpected events, in addition to ongoing developments in technology, retailers have adapted and ushered in a new era of customer experience. 

Smart business owners know how to leverage traditional, trusted practices — and how to stay on top of the latest industry trends.

To make the most of your business this season, try these fall 2022 trends.

E-Commerce and Online Shopping

It’s no surprise that e-commerce and online shopping are the new norm in retail, especially after a pandemic that forced everyone online for nearly two years.

But do you know how significant this trend has become? An estimated 22 percent of all retail sales worldwide are made online, and around 80 percent of Americans shop on the web. 

But customers aren’t just taking out their laptops to “add to cart”. Mobile purchases are even more popular, and social selling — selling products directly through social media — makes purchasing everything from dog food to fine jewelry much more accessible. If a customer can make a purchase with a simple touch of their screen, and one that they carry around in their pocket, they’re much more likely to do so.

Meet your customers where they’re at — while you’re there, make the most of your online presence.

In-Store Experiences

Yes, e-commerce is here to stay — but in-store experiences are back in a big way. 

Online shopping is convenient, but there’s no substitute for face-to-face interaction with products and people. Selling clothes? Customers want to try them on. Wine and liquor? They want your recommendations. 

One of the best parts of running a small business is your ability to tailor the customer experience to every individual. Getting people back in your stores and in front of yourself and your products plays a huge role in building relationships. Plus, it encourages customer loyalty.

Community Involvement

Local businesses are the cornerstone of many communities — and business owners are learning the importance of community involvement.

Hosting community events, participating in fundraisers, and donating supplies to local organizations not only support your customer base socially — it boosts your local economy. It also serves to showcase your business’s mission and values, which is beneficial for both your business image and profits — 82 percent of consumers prefer to purchase from businesses who align with their values.

Find an organization or cause that means something to you and your business philosophy, and use your resources to support them.

Employee Engagement

The current labor shortage is no joke.

Companies large and small are finding it difficult to not only hire new employees, but to retain existing ones. Signing bonuses, higher compensation, fun perks to strengthen the company culture — business owners are working hard to attract new hires.

But even when they do, it’s important to keep those hires. Small businesses understand the need to connect with their customers — it’s what keeps customers coming back.

Encouraging employee loyalty works in the same way. Cultivate a positive culture, whether you have ten employees or 200. Communicate clearly, acknowledge excellent work, plan team outings — make employee engagement a priority.

Trending Retail Technology

Retail technology is always on the rise.

Server-based, legacy point of sale (POS) software is continually being upgraded to cloud-based software. Instead of being confined to a closed network, accessible only on-site, cloud-based servers allow almost instantaneous data retrieval from anywhere you can access the internet — and the ability to use mobile terminals gives even greater flexibility.

And as the labor shortage continues, the automation that a modern POS solution provides can be an absolute game-changer. 

Know what’s in stock at all times, manage purchase orders, and set low-stock reorder points to streamline inventory management and make your job easier.

Why You Need to Try These Fall 2022 Trends at Your Store

To make sure your retail store is the best in the business, you need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in customer experience, employee engagement, and retail technology. You’ll knock out the competition, by guaranteeing the ultimate shopping experience for your buyers — which will keep them consistently coming back for more.

POS Nation provides a modern point of sale system that can help you tackle these trends in a way that makes sense for you. We’re here to help you take your business to the next level — schedule a demo with one of our specialists today!


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