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Feature: Customer Rewards and Tracking

Establish an engaged customer base — and keep them coming back — with our built-in customer loyalty program.

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Easily manage your regulars' contact information, such as email address and phone number, to use for future marketing campaigns. Plus, track which products your customers are purchasing to send them personalized coupons. See how:



New customers come at a premium — so having a steady cast of repeat customers is critical for any liquor store’s success.

Did you know that a well-integrated point of sale system can actually help you create a loyal customer base?

Here’s an overview of how our built-in customer loyalty program accomplishes just that!

At checkout, customers who are part of your loyalty program can enter their phone number on a rear-facing customer display.

The cashier can do this on their side as well.

After the phone number has been entered, the POS screen will show customer information, including how many points they have and if there are any rewards available to use.

If you have a customer display, it will display the customer’s name, points, and available rewards to them as well.

To apply rewards to the transaction, the cashier can simply click the button that says how many points they’re redeeming.

Any discounts will be applied, and the transaction can be completed as normal.

If a new customer enters their phone number for the first time, the POS screen will notify the cashier that the customer number is ready to be added to the system.

To sign the customer up for the loyalty program, click Create New Customer, and enter any additional information.

The only required field is the mobile phone number. Everything else is optional.

Be sure to ask them if they want to opt-in to SMS and email promotions so you can contact them about deals and promotions later on.

Click Save and the customer’s profile will be created.

If you’ve rung up items and the customer has not yet entered their phone number or chosen whether they want to enroll for the loyalty program, the customer display will ask them if they want to subscribe to promotions.

If they click yes, the system will go ahead and enroll them.

On the Customers tab in your Admin Dashboard, you can see customers’ points and purchase history.

Track their buying patterns, what specific items they’ve purchased, and any invoices if they have a house account.

At the top of the Customers screen, you have the option to send SMS promotions to customers.

To send texts to your customers, they must have enrolled in the program.

You can communicate in individual messages, or send texts to entire groups.

To create a group, click Manage Groups, and Add.

Here you can either select all of your customers or click Advance Search to add customers who meet specific criteria.

For example, you can add customers who have bought vodka within the last 30 days, and only those customers will pop up.

Simply select those customers and click Add Selected Customers To Group.

Once your group has been created, type in a Group Name, and click Save.

Now that the group has been created, you can click SMS/Email Promotions, and select the group.

Create your text message on the next screen.

You can add links to social media accounts or anything else you’d like to SMS.

Next, confirm the number of people who will be getting the text message and what it will cost.

You must agree to the SMS promotion, and then click Pay.

Enter your payment method, and then your message will be sent to your customers.

FAQs: Customer Rewards and Tracking

What information can I gain from my customers?

Having your customer’s contact information is key to keeping them engaged. Although the only required information is a name and phone number, our software can obtain addresses, emails, and birthdays.

How does a customer loyalty program benefit my business?

Obtaining contact information is essential for future marketing campaigns, and consistent communication with a database of loyal customers keeps them coming back for more. And everyone loves a discount, of course!

How do I communicate with my preferred customer base?

Customers have the option to enable SMS communication and email promotions. Select them individually, or in groups — you can create specific groups based on purchase history through the advanced search feature (so you can run a custom promotion for your vodka lovers!).

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