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Cash Register POS System for Sale: The Most Important Features to Look for in a POS

What does it take to succeed as a small business owner or manager? In most cases, it starts with building the right product, hiring the right talent, and, if applicable, investing in a high-value retail point of sale (POS) system. Unfortunately, not all POS systems are created equal. 

For example, if you wanted to scoop up some double fudge ice cream, you’d use an ice cream scoop, not a fork. Could you get the fork to work? Probably, but it’s not the best tool for the job. 

Similarly, a convenience store POS system won’t work well in a clothing boutique. Why? Because it’s not the right tool for the job. When searching for a cash register POS system for sale, you must find a POS solution with the features and tools your specific business needs.

We'll show you some of the most critical features you should look for in a POS system based on your unique industry and vertical. 

Evaluating a Cash Register POS System for Sale

All-in-one retail POS systems are powerful business tools. These solutions can do the work of multiple platforms and softwares, meaning you only have to learn and work in a single system. 

These systems also come equipped with new technology and features missing from older, legacy POS systems. Accepting card and digital payment processes, hotkey shortcuts for common items, and customer loyalty programs are just a few of the modern POS tools businesses of all types could benefit from. However, the POS system you choose should only include the features your business needs to grow and succeed.

Retail POS System Buyers Guide

Here are some of the most important POS system features by business type that you should keep in mind as you search for a new retail POS system.

General Retail Stores

Inventory Management

Go beyond simply knowing what’s in stock. Modern inventory management platforms allow you to set thresholds for products that, when hit, automatically trigger a reorder. 

Inventory management software promotes the efficient organization of purchase orders. Additionally, handheld devices enable teams to work more efficiently.

Barcode Management

Eliminate checkout slowdowns by ensuring all products have barcodes for quick and easy scanning. Label and barcode printers allow you to make and print tags. Many barcode tools will also automatically add new items to the print queue.

Liquor Stores, Tobacco Shops, and Convenience Stores

Case-Break Inventory Tracking

Liquor, tobacco, and convenience store owners know the pain of tracking cases when an item is removed. Case-break inventory tracking allows you to easily track inventory by the case, bottle, or six-pack, and automatically accounts for case breaks.

Mix and Match Pricing

Depending on what's in stock, you may be able to increase sales and move inventory with creative mix and matched product bundles. With built-in mix and match pricing, your POS system makes it easy to create and sell grouped items. 

Lawn & Garden Centers and Hardware Stores

Equipment Rentals 

From lawn and garden equipment to power tools, equipment rentals may be an important part of your business. Rental tracking tools are designed to help you easily track all rentals, including quotes, due dates, hardware serial numbers, and service history.


As you work with wholesalers and contractors, your POS system needs to maintain contractor and wholesale accounts in the system. It should also help you track A/R and allow you to issue invoices and collect payments.

Clothing & Apparel Stores

Inventory Layaways

Being able to offer a layaway payment plan can help you make sales and keep customers long term. Your cash register POS system needs to be able to set up and keep track of payments with minimum effort within the system.

Item Lookup 

Clothing and apparel stores and boutiques have a large variety of items, which can make looking up items or SKUs a hassle. The ideal POS system would give you the power to easily use graphical buttons and customized departments to find a specific item. This will help increase checkout speed and delight your customers.

Grocery Stores & Markets

Inventory Management 

You may have hundreds or even thousands of product SKUs to manage. Your POS system has to do more than count stock. It should help you be proactive in ordering low stock items, help you optimize sales for perishable items, and provide handheld devices to eliminate counting stock by hand. 

Scale Integration

If you sell items by weight, scale integration is crucial to quick and easy scanning and a positive customer experience. Ensure your cash register POS system can integrate with a scanner scale to weigh things at the register. Standalone and deli scales that print scannable labels are also essential for groceries and markets.

POS Nation Powers Retail Businesses to Success

From small, independent retail shops to multi-location stores, POS Nation works with businesses of all sizes. Our all-in-one retail POS system, including hardware, can be customized specifically for your type of business.

Want to feel more confident in your search for a cash register POS system for sale? 

Start with our Retail POS System Buyers’ Guide. It outlines all the features and benefits you should look for when evaluating retail POS systems. Additionally, this resource gives you the top questions to ask prospective POS system vendors. In this way, you’ll have everything you need to make an informed purchase decision. 

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