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5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Cloud Backup

As a small business, time is one of your most valuable resources. In the rare event that your system experiences a data loss from something like a robbery, power surge, or natural disaster, it is vital that downtime is reduced as much as possible. 

What is Cloud Backup or Cloud Storage?

Cloud backup (also called cloud storage, backup service, or backup-as-a-service), is a service that provides users with the backup, storage, and recovery of their data via an internet connection.

Data looks different among users, but as a retailer, this is typically your sales history, customer information, and inventory details. When it comes to business-critical data, cloud-based storage is essential for small business owners.

Why is Cloud Backup Important for Small Businesses?

Accidents happen. In the event of a fire, flood, power surge, or any other emergency that puts your business at risk, having your data backed up with cloud storage is an added layer of security.

If your business isn’t utilizing a cloud backup service, any of these events can wipe out your data — and there’s no way of recovering it.

So, is cloud data backup really worth it? We think so, but if you aren’t convinced, we’re here to share five reasons why a cloud-based storage service is vital for a small business like yours.

1. Point of Sale Peace of Mind

Imagine having to re-import your entire inventory and all of your customer data — think of how much time and energy that would take! A cloud-based storage service decreases the risk of losing your data and increases peace of mind.

If you have cloud-based storage, you can rest easy knowing that your provider has the most up-to-date backup of your point of sale database. Emergencies happen, and when they do, your cloud backup will have you covered.

2. Decreased Business Downtime

Say you just experienced a total loss of data in the middle of a business day. Your instinct would be to panic — but what if we told you that you could be calm in the midst of data chaos?

If you’re using a cloud backup service, your latest data can easily be imported back into your system, even if it’s all missing from your local database. This can save you and your team hours of work, and you can be back up and running to serve your customers — without missing a sale.

3. Software Mishap Corrections

Have you ever made an accidental bulk change to your inventory, menu, or data that you need fixed quickly? Rather than trying to fix each individual item one by one, your latest database backup can be imported in this scenario, too. 

This corrects all of the issues that were made and you’re right back where you started! Spend time helping customers and growing your business instead of correcting mistakes.

4. Inexpensive Insurance Policy

Here’s another perspective: You can think of a cloud backup service as an insurance policy for the most valuable information you have on your point of sale system. 

Due to its popularity, cloud-based storage is fairly inexpensive nowadays. You can be protected from total data loss for a small monthly fee. (Most of us spend more on coffee each month!)

5. No More Manual Backups

Manual backups take time and money. Rather than investing in an external hard drive and manually backing up your database every night, let your provider do it for you!

You have more important things to worry about as a small business owner, so trusting a cloud backup provider to take this task off your plate is a huge plus.

Finding a Cloud Backup Service Provider

There are several cloud-based storage providers on the market, but you want to make sure you choose a company that understands your needs as a small business.

Lucky for you, we offer secure and affordable cloud backup to our POS Nation customers! We specialize in small businesses, and in the event that you need your data recovered, we know exactly how to get retailers up and running with minimal downtime.

For just $12 per month, our cloud backup service stores a copy of your database onto a cloud-based server. In the event of an emergency, you can rest assured that POS Nation can seamlessly recover your data. Plus, we’ll always have the latest version of your database because your data is backed up every single night after close of business.

Are you ready to start using cloud-based storage? Reach out to our customer success team at 1-877-727-3548 (Option 2) or customersuccess@posnation.com to add cloud backup to your POS Nation account! Our team will help set up your new cloud backup service, which only takes a few minutes. Never worry about losing time, data, or money again!


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