Cloud-Based POS
(Point of Sale) System

The most critical aspects of your retail small business — accessible anywhere, at any time. 


POS Nation in the Cloud: a Hybrid Approach


POS Nation understands the appeal of a software that is not restricted to in-store access. However, the risks of a purely cloud-based point of sale solution come when there’s an internet outage or unreliable internet connection. Some businesses who operate in remote locations where the internet is unavailable can’t rely on a purely cloud-based solution.

Similarly, any small business owner will tell you that store hours are solely for customers. Being an owner means your office hours are 24/7 — and sometimes, it’s just not possible to be at your brick-and-mortar location where your local POS solution lives.

With POS Nation, there’s a better way.


Using our hybrid POS solution means the front end of your system, where you process transactions and deal with customers, is available locally in store — so you never have to rely on a secure internet connection to use your point of sale. Your back office, where you manage inventory and other operational functions, can be accessed in-store and via an internet connection. 

If you have to access sales reports, inventory levels, or other back-end functionality, you can do so from your store or your living room couch.

Cloud vs Local

What is a Cloud POS Solution?

A cloud-based POS system, commonly referred to as a web-based point of sale system or SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), is a point of sale solution that can be accessed anywhere from a WiFi connection. This solution stores your data on a remote server (aka online or in the cloud).

Cloud vs Local

What is a Local POS Solution?

On the other hand, a local, or traditional point of sale solution stores your data on a local server. This system usually lives exclusively within a brick-and-mortar storefront. While the data can still be accessed remotely, the actual computer the data is stored on is owned by the merchant.