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Feature: Dual Pricing

Also known as cash discounting accepts all forms of payment — including credit card, without incurring any of the costs to your business. 

See It In Action

Credit card processing can cost your business nothing! As long as your POS system has this feature baked in, your employees can seamlessly offer options to pass the cost of processing onto your customers. See how our system makes this possible: 



CAP Retail offers integrated Cash Discounting — allowing you to pass the cost of credit card processing to your customers. Consumers have the option to either skip the fee by paying with cash, or pay the fee with credit, offsetting your processing costs each month.

We set up your account with the ideal processing rate, which is then applied only to credit card transactions.

Once enabled, you will see a pop-up box appear at the tender screen that shows the transaction total, a “service fee”, and then the cash and credit options.

If the customer pays with cash, they get a “cash discount” equal to the “service fee”.

If the customer pays with credit, they do not receive the discount.

These options display on the cashier screen and the customer facing LCD, if present.

Since the cash discount logic is built directly into the POS software, no manual entry of totals into the pinpad is required.

The transaction is then tendered as normal and the service fee and discount are displayed prominently on the receipt.

The cash discount fee and related discounts are displayed in your end-of-day reporting so you can track how much you are saving on a daily basis.

Dual Pricing: Pay $0 for Credit Card Processing

What is Dual Pricing?

To put it simply, processing fees are passed on to your customers who use credit cards so you don't take the financial hit, rather than your business paying for a percentage of each credit card transaction. For more information or to learn if dual pricing , formerly known as cash discounting is right for your small business, check out this quick one-sheeter

How Much Does This Feature Cost?

Depending on your payment processor and POS provider, this shouldn't cost you a thing! With POS Nation and our preferred providers, we offer dual pricing as part of your system. 

Which Businesses Benefit from Dual Pricing?

Dual Pricing can work for almost every business, but here are a few things to consider:

  • Industry Norms. Does it make sense for your business to charge processing fees in your industry?
  • Purchase Amounts. Depending on average transaction price, it might make sense to have a fixed processing fee.
  • Safety Risks. While your risk of credit card fraud drops with more cash payments, your business is also an easier target for someone looking to steal cash from a register.
  • Competitors. Would your regulars become frustrated if they prefer paying with a card and take their business to your competition?
  • More Cash Deposits. With more cash purchases, do you have the time and staff coverage to make more frequent trips to the bank?

To learn more about cash discounting, check out this article!

Other Features

Here are a few of our other features we think you'll enjoy...

Streamline multi-item discounting.

Mix and Match Pricing

Making ringing up discounts on multiple items easier for cashiers, and faster for customers.
Safer and faster checkouts.

Contactless Payment

Offer a safer way to cash out with contactless pay, including mobile and tap-to-pay options.
Track items, no matter how they're packaged.

Case Breaks

Selling individual items from packs, cases, and cartons no longer has to be an inventory nightmare.

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  • 24/7 unlimited support and training
  • Lifetime warranty
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$1,038 upfront

  • Touch PC, receipt printer, scanner, cash drawer, chip card reader
  • Free POS software, no required fees, and chip card reader with POS Nation Processing Agreement
  • You own the POS hardware
  • 30 days of free 24/7 support
  • Two-year warranty
  • No long-term contract
Custom Build

Build custom POS System. Simple steps. Premium system. Made for you.

  • Let us know what your business needs in a point of sale system and get custom pricing
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