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Get More Out of Your Hardware Store with Our Complete Point of Sale Solution. Designed for Your Business, We Provide Commercial-Grade Hardware, Feature-Rich Software, Training, 24/7 Support, and Payment Processing.


The POS Software Features to Power Your Hardware Store

Mobility for Faster Checkout, Seamless Inventory Management, and Access to the Reports Your Store Needs to Make Better Business Decisions

Trusted by Hardware Store Owners Across the Country, POS Nation Provides the Products Needed to Help Your Small Business

Always Know What's in Stock with Better Inventory Tracking

Whether you’re selling screws and washer or power tools and appliances with specific serial numbers, our inventory management system tracks in real-time.

Selling items that are part of a larger quantity? Automatic case break counts make it easy to keep your inventory up to date. 

Shelf Tag and Barcode Label Printing

Hardware store owners have unique inventory that requires unique barcode labeling and tag printing. Our custom print and label options make it easy to stay organized. 

Unlimited Inventory

Carry hundreds of unique products? Thousands? Millions?

Our Retail POS software, you have no limits on SKUs. You can test and carry as many products as your customers need with no impact to your inventory management.

A/R Tracking

Built-in customer account management lets you easily track B2B sales and on-account charges with customizable statements including payments against individual invoices, optional late fees, and account balance aging.

Sales and Financial Reporting

With potentially thousands of SKUs in inventory, there's no room for errors when making business decisions.

Our system comes loaded with over 55 prebuilt reports, Excel export ability, and additional customizations. Run reports on virtually every aspect of your business. Learn more here.

Purchase Orders

Track all of your vendors in a single database, set reorder thresholds, and configure your system to directly email your distributors. 

Stop wasting time keeping up with sales, inventory, and ordering separately.

Layaway Sales

Set up and keep track of payments with minimum effort.

Eliminate errors with integrated customer tracking. 


Trusted by More Than 10,000 Customers

Happy Customers Powered by POS Nation.


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Retail Point of Sale Solution for Your Growing Business POS Nation

Retail Point of Sale Solution for Your Growing Business POS Nation


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All-In-One Point of Sale System Touchscreen

Your Journey with POS Nation - Our Pre- and Post-Sales Process

POS Nation Systems Made for Your Hardware Business

Let us know what your business needs in a POS system.

Flex Monthly

$149 / mo

  • Widescreen Touch PC, Thermal Receipt Printer, Barcode Laser Scanner, Pinpad, Mini Keyboard, Inventory Import Service, 16 in. Cash Drawer
  • Pay monthly for your POS software and hardware
  • 24/7 support and unlimited training
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Requires POS Nation Processing Agreement

Select Plan

Hardware Bundle

  • Widescreen Touch PC, Thermal Receipt Printer, Barcode Laser Scanner, Mini Keyboard, Inventory Import Service, 16 in. Cash Drawer
  • Pay monthly for your POS software and Support
  • 2 Year Hardware Warranty
  • Requires POS Nation Processing Agreement - Includes Free Pinpad
  • No Long-Term Contracts

Select Plan
Custom Build

Build your custom POS System. Simple steps. Premium system. Made for you.

  • Let us know what your business needs in a point of sale system and get custom pricing
  • Multiple payment options in the Custom Build POS
  • New customers get one-time discount code
  • No long-term contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • Requires Processing Agreement

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FAQ: Hardware Store POS System

Here's a collection of frequently asked questions from hardware store owners like you!

Does this system allow me to manage hardware rentals?
From the moment your inventory arrives to the moment items are sold, the system can keep track of serial numbers for your hardware inventory so that you know exactly which customers have which pieces of equipment.
Organization of inventory is vital to my business. How does this software help me with this?
Use multi-tier departments to organize your inventory and sales reports. Create departments, sub-departments, and even a third layer of departments to allow you to organize your inventory in as much detail as you’d like.