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Feature: Point of Sale Reporting

In order to efficiently run your small business and grow, store owners and managers need to easily review performance and inventory metrics. POS Nation for Retail makes this simple with more than 50 of our most common reports prebuilt and ready to go, along with the ability to create custom reports. 

See It In Action

Want to know if we've got the reporting you need? Check out a preview of our most popular reports:

Reporting Capabilities for CAP Retail by POS Nation



Hello, this is Spencer with POS Nation and I wanted to show you a few of the more popular reports that our retail system has in store. 

First thing I'll do is go to our reporting screen, so we can minimize the POS here and in the background I've got a reporting module.

Here you can see a list of all the reports that the system contains. They're listed by category between sales, inventory, customer, and employee reports. There are a few others as well, and miscellaneous down below. 

Let's focus on some of the more common reports that our customers will use. The most common report is called the sales summary. On the right hand side of the page you can select date range. By default it'll show you everything you've done today, but you can choose any other date ranges or create a custom date and time as well. 

We'll just leave it on today and I'll choose sales summary. It will ask if I want it broken down by sales rep as well, I'll say no and keep it as all sales reps. Then the report's going to pop up and this will show me everything I did today. 

The top portion is any non-tax sales I've done. Which I have not. The next portion is all of my taxed sales, and then it's going to break down my cost of goods sold, my profit margin, all the tax that I collected — lottery sales or payouts performed. Other stats like any payouts I've made to vendors, how many returns, invoices, voids, things like that. 

This is a great report that you can run for any time period: could be a year long or just several hours depending on how you choose your date range. 

Other common reports people want to see include a department sales breakdown. A department sales breakdown can also show the individual items that you sold or it can just be a summary with only departments. I've only done a few sales today so it's a short report, but this report would show you because I selected detail--every item within that department that I sold over that time period. There's also a summary at the bottom with a total of all department sales, and can be viewed without all the details. 

Then on the inventory side, most people want to see what they have in stock. There's many different reports you can run such as: what do I have that's low in stock, what needs to be reordered, and so on, but we'll show you what's currently in stock. This is called Inventory Worksheet.

When I pull this up, it's going to give me a list of different filters that I may want to assign to these items, and I'm going to leave it as is and show everything. So we'll leave all the inclusions and all departments, all vendors--just show me everything that's in the store. So when I accept the report it's going to start department by department then breakdown every item and all quantities on hand.

It gives me a total cost and total price value at the end of each department. Then at the very end of the report, after it's gone through every item that's in the store, I can also see a total cost and total price for an inventory valuation. There's other inventory valuations that run automatically at the end of the month as well. 

This is just one example of the types of reporting that we have. As you can see there's many other reports, but this is just a sample of the types of reports that are in POS Nation for Retail. 

Thank you for watching and have a great day!

FAQs: Point of Sale Reporting

To get a full run down of all the reports available to POS Nation for Retail users, schedule a demo with one of our product specialists. 

Can I share a report?

Absolutely! POS Nation allows you to email reports to yourself, your accountant, business partner, or anyone else who you might need to share this information with!

Do I have to do a nightly close or lose my reports?
Nope! POS Nation for Retail has a perpetual database so you never have to print your reports for fear of losing them. The database keeps every sales transaction and timestamps it.
When you select a report, the system simply pulls the data for that report that falls between the timestamps you specify. The difference between a daily, weekly, or monthly report is just the date range you select and the results included.
Can I add my own printer for reports?

Sure, most Windows 10 compatible desktop printers should work.

Does this come with employee monitoring reporting?

We offer a slew of exception reports to monitor and track employee activities such as voids, canceled sales, price changes, lost sales, cash drops, and more. To see it in action, schedule a demo with a product specialist today!

There's a report I need that's missing from your list...

We have more than 50 pre-built reports that are included with your system, at no additional cost.

Can't find a report you're looking for? We also offer customization so you can create the report that fits your unique business' needs.

What end of day reports are available in your POS solution?

We have several, but the most common are:

  • Sales Summary
  • Transaction Summary
  • Cash Drawer by Station
  • Cash Drawer by Sales Code
  • Tender Type Detail
  • Sales by Department Summary
  • Credit Card Report
  • Tax Summary
  • Discount Summary
  • Sales by Item
  • Clerk Exceptions
  • Time Clock Report

Other Features

Here are a few of our other features we think you'll enjoy...

Reduce or eliminate the cost of accepting credit cards.

Dual Pricing

You can seamlessly offer options to pass the cost of processing onto your customers
Safer and faster checkouts.

Contactless Payment

Offer a safer way to cash out with contactless pay, including mobile and tap-to-pay options.
Track items, no matter how they're packaged.

Case Breaks

Selling individual items from packs, cases, and cartons no longer has to be an inventory nightmare.

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