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Feature: Contactless Payments

Tap to pay is here to stay, POS Nation for Retail is ready — is your POS system? 

See It In Action

Whether it's holding an NFC-enabled credit card near the pinpad or using smartphone-enabled payment, we support contactless payment. See for yourself: 



As credit card technology and security has evolved, contactless pay has become an easy and safe method of taking credit card payments from your customers.

The pinpad included in your POS system is equipped with an NFC, or Near Field Communication reader, that can pick up the signal emitted from your customer’s smartphone, or NFC-enabled credit card.

Once credit is selected as the desired tender, the pinpad will light up, and the customer can tap their smartphone or card near the pinpad to transmit the encrypted signal and complete the transaction.

You can pair contactless pay with emailed receipts, or you can ask customers if they want a receipt before printing one.

With the rise of NFC and EMV chip credit cards, merchants are no longer responsible for saving customer signatures on credit transactions. Now, they’re encouraged to use these more secure methods, instead of magnetic stripe readers.

Not only is contactless pay more secure, but it prevents the spread of germs and other health risks. Since social distancing is now a global concern, this method of payment is becoming even more popular.

Contactless Payment: Easier, Safer, and More Secure

Skip the Signature

Saving customer signatures on card transactions was yet another thing business owners had to worry about. With contactless pay, alleviate that responsibility!

Safer and More Sanitary

Whether it's a wildly contagious disease or lack of hygiene, having people touch and handle a device that others are using is a sure fire way to spread anything. By enabling contactless payments, spare your customers from sharing germs.

Faster Checkouts

Ask for a card, swipe through your magnetic stripe reader, request a signature, and issue a receipt. Whew!

Now contactless payments allows customers to simply tap to pay and get a receipt via email (hello receipt paper savings!) or have one printed. Who doesn't like getting in and out at the store? 

Other Features

Here are a few of our other features we think you'll enjoy...

You've got it? We can label it.

Label Printing

With custom and pre-set labeling options, barcoding even the strangest of stock is a breeze — odd bottle or cigar, anyone?
Simpler returns for a speedier checkout.

Transactions: Returns

A critical part of retail transactions; our multiple return options and simple process create happier customers and employees.
Track items, no matter how it's packaged.

Case Breaks

Selling individual items from packs, cases, and cartons no longer has to be an inventory nightmare.

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POS Nation Pricing Retail POS Software


Flex Monthly


  • POS software, touch PC, receipt printer, scanner, cash drawer, chip card reader
  • Pay monthly for your POS software and hardware
  • 24/7 unlimited support and training
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Requires POS Nation Processing Agreement
  • Cancel at any time by simply returning your hardware

$1,038 upfront

  • Touch PC, receipt printer, scanner, cash drawer, chip card reader
  • Free POS software, no required fees, and chip card reader with POS Nation Processing Agreement
  • You own the POS hardware
  • 30 days of free 24/7 support
  • Two-year warranty
  • No long-term contract
Custom Build

Build custom POS System. Simple steps. Premium system. Made for you.

  • Let us know what your business needs in a point of sale system and get custom pricing
  • Multiple payment options in the Custom Build
  • New customers get one-time discount code
  • No contracts
  • No hidden fees