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5 Point of Sale System Requirements You Cannot Afford to Overlook

Are you interested in investing in a new POS system or replacing legacy software?

By taking time to understand point of sale system requirements and must-haves, you can dramatically improve the entire process. In this way, you'll be able to spot the very best-rated POS systems right from the start.

For many years, we've had the opportunity to work with thousands of small businesses, including retail businesses, liquor stores, and convenience stores. By working hand in hand with business owners, managers, and employees, we've discovered the key POS system features and functions that are most valuable.


5 Critical Point of Sale System Requirements

Before we get into POS system requirements and features you need to look for, there are a few smaller things you need to consider to help your new POS system run at peak performance.

First, you need to ensure you have a high-speed internet connection. We aren't technical internet experts, but "high-speed" internet is generally considered 2 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload (consult your store's internet provider if you're not sure). 

Second, you need to make sure the computer running your POS system meets certain speed and memory levels. Again, this is not our area of expertise, so be sure to ask any POS vendors what computer specs are required to run their software.

Finally, you need to ensure your POS computer or device is running a modern web browser. Not only does this help with speed, but updated web browsers have better built-in security.

Below, you'll find just a small sampling of the critical point of sale system requirements that POS Nation offers.

1. Cloud-Based Features

A cloud-based software solution provides added convenience for business owners and management, giving key stakeholders the ability to access core business data from any connected device. For those that are always on the go, a cloud-based infrastructure is a must-have POS feature. Moreover, cloud-based solutions typically come with free, automatic updates. In this way, you'll never have to worry if your POS software solution is up to date.

POS Nation's hybrid solution offers cloud-like features, including an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard and virtual back office. Additionally, through simple interface customizations, stakeholders can access and generate key reports on virtually every aspect of the business.

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2. Inventory Management

For retailers, inventory management is one of the most important retail POS features to consider when investing in a new solution or replacing an old system. An all-in-one system should offer "smart" inventory management capabilities designed to keep business owners and managers on top of orders, stock, pricing, and promotions.

If you're managing a large database of items, you may want to partner with a provider that offers an unlimited inventory and SKUs. No matter the size of your database or number of business locations, POS Nation is uniquely situated to help your business grow now and well into the future.

Retail POS System Buyers Guide


3. Credit Card Processing

Today, customers demand a refined and seamless customer experience. The best POS systems come equipped with powerful credit card processing. Keep in mind that payment processing integrations allow businesses to speed up transactions, confirm that those transactions are accurate, and make it easier for businesses to accept all major forms of payment including debit and credit cards.

Through POS Nation merchant services, we offer in-house payment processing to provide a true turnkey solution. We have developed strategic partnerships with many industry-leading payment processors including Mercury Payment Systems, Swipely, Worldpay, Heartland, and Sterling Payment Technologies. We've developed these unique partnerships so we can give our customers the best rates possible.

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4. Integrations

Depending on the size of your organization, you may work within multiple systems including hardware and inventory management. The ideal POS system will come standard with numerous features to help you scale back on the number of separate systems you have to maintain. Integrations with other software like QuickBooks, virtual back offices, and your website are also features to look for.

POS Nation's retail system comes standard with a touchscreen computer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, credit card swipe, and a receipt printer. However, powerful integrations give users the ability to add limitless customizations.

5. Customer Support

We know that customer support should be an integral component of any great POS solution. However, customer support is where most vendors fall short.

Over the years, we've heard this sentiment from thousands of business owners, managers, and employees. For nearly two decades, POS Nation has delivered five-star service to more than 10,000 customers nationwide. Additionally, POS Nation offers a robust resource library. From helpful how-to content to in-depth videos, POS Nation offers the hands-on POS support that your business needs.

But don't take our word for it...

"POS Nation has the best customer service that I have ever seen. Their tech support is awesome."Capterra Review
"Overall, the experience has been great with the system and support. We can always count on support when we need them most."Capterra Review
"The tech support has been outstanding. They really helped us to pin point the customized features that our customers use and like."Capterra Review


You Know the POS System Requirements to Look for…Now What?

Here are three steps you can take to find the right point of sale system for your business.

  1. The Retail POS System Buyers' Guide - the perfect resource if you need more information on what features and capabilities to look for in a POS system.
  2. Our Retail POS System Product page - if you're interested in using our POS system in your store, be sure to check out the features of our retail point of sale system.
  3. Schedule a Demo of our Retail POS System - ready to talk to a product specialist? By scheduling a demo, you'll get a guided tour of our point of sale software. An expert product specialist will be on hand to live-answer any questions you may have and show you features commonly used by business owners and managers like you.

BONUS: check out this case study from Huntington Humidor in Huntington, NY. They were ready to upgrade their business from an old POS system to a tobacco-specific and fully-customized point of sale solution. Learn more about the positive experience this classic and stylish humidor had with POS Nation:


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