Gina Obert
By Gina Obert on February 15, 2017

POS Nation Liquor Store POS Solution

Using Cash Register Express for years at his original store, Mike Ryan was looking for a POS company for his new store, Lebanon Wine & Spirits. After searching through several point of sale providers, Mike found himself watching POS Nation videos for hours. Mike decided to go with POS Nation after learning new CRE features and techniques from our resources.



Boost Liquor Store Sales with a POS System

"The choice to go with POS Nation was an easy one," said Mike Ryan. If you'd like to learn more about how POS Nation can help your liquor store or business of another industry, get in touch at


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Whether you decide to do business with POS Nation or select another provider, knowing what questions to ask can help you get past the sales pitch, and to a solution that works for your business

Published by Gina Obert February 15, 2017
Gina Obert

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