By Gina Obert on June 05, 2019

Produce Stand Point of Sale Solutions

In the summer season, produce stands that sell farm-fresh produce are booming. With the high demand for fresh fruits and vegetables, market owners need a point of sale system that can keep up! See how our POS solution has helped Rolling Hill Farms in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

An Improved Customer Experience

Whether your state law requires it or not, several market owners like providing customers with the opportunity to see what’s being rung up during a transaction. Rolling Hill Farms wanted a point of sale system that had this feature and worked quickly to keep their lines down. With an upgraded point of sale system, you can let customers see exactly what you’re ringing up on the pole display — item weight, amount, cost, and more!

Managing Market Inventory

The team at Rolling Hill Farms has also mentioned how much they love being able to track their inventory. Their POS system outlines what’s selling and where their losses are so the managers can make important business decisions. They also mentioned that they frequently have discounts on their produce, and with the market POS software, everything is applied automatically. While most produce stands have a manual checkout process, Rolling Hill Farms can enjoy a more efficient solution — making time to focus on customers and larger business decisions!

Upgrade Your Produce Stand POS System

If you manage a produce stand or specialty market that has several unique items like Rolling Hill Farms, we have a point of sale solution for you! Check out the video testimonial below to hear from the stand manager herself, and see why our system has made a difference for their business.

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