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How To Attract Customers to Your Store — 6 Ideas That Really Work

Build it, and they will come… is actually just a misquoted line from a film.

It’s definitely not helpful to think this way if you want a successful store. Sure, you might sell products people want and need, but how will they find you if they don’t know you’re there?

Even worse, if they pass your store but don’t feel compelled to walk in, they have no idea what they’re missing out on! So how can you entice them to come in? How can you meet them where they are? E-commerce is ever popular, but people still like to shop in brick-and-mortar stores. It’s just their expectations might be different.

This article will help you develop creative strategies and ideas to help you stand out and attract customers to your store.


How To Attract Customers to Your Store: These Ideas Work

Brick-and-mortar stores are far from extinct. The booming e-commerce sector is in the race for consumers’ hearts, but there’s still something satisfying about wandering through a store and chatting to retail assistants before making your way to checkout.

So, whether you’re running a boutique, grocery, or liquor store, foot traffic is the heartbeat of your business. With more people walking through your doors, you have more chances to sell your products.

But how do you get them in? You need effective marketing strategies that draw attention to your store. From window displays that cause passersby to do a double-take to loyalty programs that entice customers to return to your store, marketing is your secret weapon.

You won’t have an unlimited budget for marketing, so you must focus on practical, actionable ideas to ensure that your efforts bear fruit. And a point of sale (POS) system can help create, implement, and track your marketing plays.

With a POS system, you can:

  • Use sales analytics and reports to determine whether your marketing campaigns are driving sales.
  • Track inventory in real time so you can ensure you’re promoting what you have in stock.
  • Collect customer data to track purchases and preferences.
  • Create, implement, and track customer loyalty programs to reward your loyal customers.
  • And more!

Now, let’s dive into six practical strategies for attracting customers to your store.

Idea #1: Improve Storefront Appearance and Curb Appeal

First impressions matter. Your storefront is the first thing customers see, and it can determine if they walk in or walk on by. It’s like a silent salesperson. You can showcase your products, brand, and vibe. When your store catches the eye of passersby, you’re doing something right. Is your storefront inviting? Interesting? Does it tell a story?

  • Window displays: Give a sneak peek into what your store offers. Make them eye-catching, creative, and reflective of your brand. Change them regularly to keep things interesting. You can promote seasonal wear, sales, and new stock.
  • Signage: Good signage does more than display the name of your store. You can showcase your brand identity and attract your target customers. Are you a natural food store? A rustic bakery? A local winery? Use signage that shows your unique brand.
  • Lighting: Don’t overlook good lighting! It creates a specific mood, highlights your products in window displays, and welcomes customers into your store.

Your storefront is a reflection of your brand. Your signage, window displays, and color scheme should all communicate a consistent message about who you are.

Idea #2: Offer Exclusive In-Store Deals and Promotions

Consumers love discounts and promotions. We all want good deals and value for money. And when we see something available for a discount or a limited time, we want it more, right? When there’s less of something, it feels more valuable.

You can create promotions without breaking the bank. For example, buy one, get one free (BOGO) deals encourage customers to buy more than they planned. Time-sensitive sales give customers a specific percentage off if they shop during certain times.

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You can also start a loyalty program, rewarding customers for shopping with you. You encourage repeat business and make customers feel appreciated. Whatever you try, make sure customers get good value, and you still turn a profit.

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Idea #3: Offer Excellent Customer Service and Personalized Experiences

A considerable part of excellent customer service is solving problems. But more important is making your customers feel valued and appreciated. If you create an incredible shopping experience, they’re more likely to return and tell their friends and family about your store.

When you personalize the shopping experience, your customers feel like individuals and will appreciate that you understand their needs and preferences.

It all starts with your staff. Train your employees to be attentive, courteous, and knowledgeable. It’s great if they make an effort to remember regular customers.

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You can offer a more personalized service by capturing customer preferences and tracking buying patterns. Say a customer frequently buys organic products. Why not recommend new organic items when they arrive in your store?

Your POS system plays a significant role here. Modern POS systems capture and store customer information. You can track what they’re buying, how often, and how much they spend. You can then use that data to offer personalized discounts and make other recommendations.

Idea #4: Create an Immersive Store Environment

Can your store sell an experience instead of just products? Absolutely!

Why would customers come to your store if they can buy your products online? Because of the experience they get in your store — it’s just not the same on a laptop. A unique, immersive experience sets you apart and might keep customers in your store longer.

Use a combination of music, technology, and design. Store design is more than arranging products on shelves. Create a space that sparks interest and joy. Encourage exploration. What’s the flow in your store? The colors, lighting, and display techniques all play a role.

Music can set the mood! The right playlist should represent your brand and the experience you want to provide. Music is essential, whether energetic, relaxing, luxurious, or something in between.

Your POS system can tell you how changes in your store environment affect customers. 

Do they spend more time in your store? Do they buy more since you introduced interactive displays? Your POS system provides reports that will tell you. You could also use customer surveys and store their answers. Feedback can help fine-tune your store environment.

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Idea #5: Create a Loyalty Program and Encourage Referrals

Loyalty programs are an excellent way to reward customers for frequently shopping in your store. Customers feel appreciated, and repeat business boosts your profits. You can also offer incentives for your customers to refer your store. Referrals help you retain loyal customers and attract new ones.

There are various types of loyalty programs. The most popular include:

  • Points-based programs: Every purchase earns customers points redeemable for discounts and free products.
  • Tiered programs: Place customers into different tiers (such as gold, silver, and bronze) based on their spending habits and give them different rewards at each tier.
  • Referral programs: Whenever a customer refers a friend or family member to your store, they earn rewards. You could offer a $20 credit for every new customer they refer who spends a certain amount.

You can create and manage a loyalty program with a robust POS system. It can track customer purchases, calculate points, and even notify customers about rewards. Also, it helps you manage referral programs, allowing you to track who refers whom and give rewards.

Idea #6: Host In-Store Events and Collaborations

Hosting events is a fun and interactive way to attract new customers, engage existing ones, and create a buzz around your store. You can show off your own products or collaborate with other local businesses. You could even partner with local artists, musicians, and influencers.

Product launches are a classic choice, but workshops and classes also do the trick. Make them fun and educational. For example, a hardware store might host a DIY workshop to teach people basic skills. A liquor store can host a cocktail-making class. Whatever you decide, it should align with your products.

Your POS system can even help manage registrations and check in attendees, and can track sales related to the event. Use this data to see which types of events drive the most foot traffic and boost sales.

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How To Attract Customers to Your Store: The Choice Is Yours

You’ve now got six actionable ideas to attract customers to your store! Whether you decide to spruce up your storefront, create loyalty programs, improve customer service, or host in-store events, the choice is yours.

Choose the ideas that will resonate with your customer base and make sense for your store. By capturing and analyzing the data you collect from your POS system, you can measure success and decide whether to double down on ideas or pivot.

At POS Nation, we know that retail store owners want to make data-driven decisions to maximize the success of their stores. That’s why our POS system:

  • Streamlines inventory management
  • Has a built-in loyalty program
  • Comes with over 55 prebuilt reports on every aspect of your business
  • And more!

Ready to attract customers to your store and see what else you can do with a robust POS system? Schedule a demo with our retail experts today!


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