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Handheld Inventory Devices

What are handheld inventory devices?

Handhelds, or inventory devices, are mobile POS hardware used to facilitate inventory counts. 

How does a handheld assist inventory counts?

A handheld is a mobile computer that allows the user to scan inventory products one by one or scan an individual product and then enter a quantity. After the inventory count, the device will then sync back with the POS system. When the inventory count is synced with the system, a discrepancy report is where product counts differ from what product count exists in the point of sale.

Is a handheld different from a scanner?

Yes. Although both pieces of equipment are mobile and can operate wirelessly, they operate differently. Scanners simply read barcodes. Inventory devices, however, count and store the information they have scanned.

How much do inventory devices cost?

While scanners are relatively inexpensive, handhelds can cost almost two thousand dollars because they are mobile computers with their own operating system and software.

What else can handhelds do for me?

You can also run price checks with these devices.

Are there any substitutes for an inventory device?

Yes. We frequently sell tablets accompanied with a Bluetooth scanner as an inventory device substitute.

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