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3 Common Point of Sale Fears and How to Overcome Them

For a retailer like yourself, every change you make to your small business is a major decision. And sometimes, making these decisions can be stressful, or even scary.

Part of being a small business owner is taking risks, and oftentimes, these risks are what make your retail store stand out from the crowd and thrive.

Fears of Upgrading Your POS System — and How to Let Them Go

No matter how long you’ve had your point of sale system, there will come a time when you need to upgrade your solution. 

Maybe your hardware is outdated and you don’t have all of the functionality you need, or your software doesn’t allow you to track and export all of the analytics required to make business decisions.

Rather than ignore your point of sale problems, it’s best to begin your search for a new solution. If you don’t take action, you may be missing out on sales and new opportunities for growth. 

We know that upgrading your POS solution is easier said than done, so if you’re hesitant, we’re going to address the most common fears that small business owners have before making a switch.

Not Being Able to Afford the Upgrade

Is the cost of upgrading your point of sale system worrying you? It’s a valid concern, but realistically, managing your store with an outdated solution could be costing you more money in the first place.

For example, there is now point of sale software on the market that includes all of the most important features you need for free. (Some providers will even include a complementary inventory import so that you don’t have to load up your products yourself!) On the other hand, many retailers are paying additional fees for basic features that should be baked in.

Additionally, what are your payment processing rates like? Many retailers are being overcharged without knowing it, and providers nowadays will do their best to compete with your current rate.

Finally, while purchasing your POS software up front is a solid option, many point of sale providers are now subscription-based — meaning you can pay for the software you’re using month to month in smaller amounts, rather than having to come up with a huge payment.

Altogether, the point of sale industry has seen major changes over the years, and being able to afford a modern retail solution is easier than ever.


Purchasing Software That’s Difficult to Learn

New software is always intimidating. And just like anything else, point of sale software will take time to get used to. However, there are a couple of things you can investigate before making a purchase.

First, take a live demo of the software you’re considering. Pay attention to what you like and don’t like, and ask the person you’re working with questions.

If the software design seems messy and the functionality is difficult to follow, then you know you (and your employees) will have a more difficult time adjusting to it.

Once you find point of sale software you do like, look into the provider’s onboarding and technical support options.

Will someone on the provider’s team make sure you’re confident and ready to run your business with the software? Will there be training sessions available to you and your team? If something goes wrong down the road, is there a 24/7 technical support line you can call?

Asking these questions will ensure that your POS provider has your back, and that you’re operating your business with easy-to-use software.

Not Being Able to Grow With My Business

Room for growth is essential. You wouldn’t start a small business without intentions of having it be successful and expand, right? That said, you want to make sure the point of sale solution you invest in is scalable.

The key to overcoming this fear is to simply be transparent. When speaking to POS providers, make it very clear that your goal is to grow your business. If the person you’re working with doesn’t have any knowledge on expanding your business or isn’t confident that the solution supports multiple locations, then the software is not the right choice for you.

Scalable software should include:

  • Multi-site management
  • 24/7 reporting and analytics
  • Employee management
  • Unlimited SKU capacity

To be completely sure that your point of sale solution will be efficient for the long haul, ask for examples of businesses they’ve worked with that have multiple locations or were able to add on additional sites, employees, and inventory down the line.

Chances are that point of sale providers who really stand by long-term growth will have feedback from other customers who have done so successfully.

Feeling Confident in Your POS Solution Upgrade

There are many reasons that small business owners hesitate to upgrade their point of sale systems — even if they’re causing them loads of stress — and these are a few of the most common reasons we hear.

Rest assured, if you take the time to think about your needs, do research, and ask questions, you will be happy with the new retail solution you choose for your business. Our free resource, The Retail POS System Buyers’ Guide, can help kick off your journey!

CAP Retail by POS Nation, our in-house software, is a great option for retailers looking to upgrade. Our solution comes equipped with all of the powerful features you’ll need out of the box. 

Our customer success team onboards each customer, ensuring that they’re confident in their system. And if any issues arise later on, our technical support is available to help 24/7. Finally, POS Nation’s payment processing rates are the most competitive in the industry, and we offer several flexible investment options.

To learn more about CAP Retail by POS Nation, or take a live demo of the software, reach out to sales@posnation.com.


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