Gina Obert
By Gina Obert on June 09, 2017

POS Nation Offers New Cloud Retail POS Software

Cloud-based POS software has grown in popularity over the past years, and for good reason. Designed for single store and multi-location businesses, cloud POS software allows users to run their business from anywhere at any time. Making life easier and more efficient for customers, POS Nation is now offering brand new cloud-based POS software with the hardware and support that our customers have grown to love. With this new software offering, POS Nation customers can now track their inventory, run reports and analytics, and manage employees from the cloud.

The number one feature we hear requested from retailers is remote inventory tracking and control. We know how important and difficult it is for business owners to find the appropriate stock level for products. That’s where we come in with our cloud POS software. Maintain a database of all your products on hand by either creating individual items or uploading a bulk list of all your goods. Once your products are uploaded into the system, easily make updates to your inventory from anywhere when products are sold, damaged or stock levels need adjusting.

Never run your business in the dark again. Using our POS software’s back office, easily run reports based on sales and profitability to identify which products are your top performers. Offering you a full window into your business’ operations, this software will provide you as a business owner with all the valuable information you need to make the best decisions for your business.

Whether you’re on or off location, easily access your employees' breaks and punctuality through the cloud to ensure you’re getting the most from your workforce. Easily review which employees are up-selling products to increase sales and which employees are abusing discounts and refunds. Also within the system, you can assign each employee, or specific job title, certain permissions that are appropriate for their roles.

Rich in features, our new cloud-based POS software will provide any business owner the data management that they would want with the flexibility they desire. Run your business like the big box retailers, with the ease and comfort of being anywhere. To get your business up and running with our cloud-based POS software, contact us at


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Published by Gina Obert June 9, 2017
Gina Obert

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