By Brian Sullivan on November 04, 2021

5 Best Liquor Store Inventory Software in 2022

Would you expect a cellphone from 15 years ago to keep up with the current market? Absolutely not. So, why don’t we give our business software investments the same care and consideration as our mobile phones? That’s a trick question: We should give our professional software that same consideration. 

If your liquor store inventory software is outdated, you may be missing out on crucial liquor store POS features and benefits that could help take your business to the next level.

Let’s take a look at five of the top liquor store inventory software options on the market for the upcoming year. We’ll examine their features, use-cases, and more.

Top Choices for Liquor Store Inventory Software in 2022

You might be asking: How much does inventory software really change? After all, it’s just a storage vessel for numbers and prices, right? Wrong! Today’s top inventory software is so much more than a glorified Excel spreadsheet. 

As technology advances and consumer habits change, inventory management systems have become more robust and personalized. Many of the best retail software tools for small businesses offer sales forecasting, reporting, and analytics. 

POS Nation offers one of the most comprehensive inventory management tools for your liquor store. Schedule a demo today to see how our software can solve all your inventory woes. Now, let’s examine all five of our top software solutions in more detail.

POS Nation

POS Nation’s software, CAP Retail by POS Nation, is part of an all-in-one retail POS system. It’s available with either a monthly package or a one-time purchase and comes with a warranty and software support. POS Nation also provides POS hardware, so your point of sale solution could be a one-stop shopping trip by partnering with us. 

CAP Retail offers features like SKU lookup, age validation, cash discounts, and lottery ticket sales. You can also use the software for inventory management, clocking your employees in and out, reporting, and loss prevention measures. You can do case-break inventory tracking with CAP Retail as well. POS Nation also offers features such as mobile reporting, website integration, integrated payments, and inventory import to allow you to get up and running on your new system quickly. There are plenty of other specialized features, including vendor management, customer relationship management, and more.

CAP Retail is the perfect solution for any growing small business!

ShopKeep by Lightspeed 

ShopKeep advertises itself as a full-service commerce platform. Their main use-cases include liquor stores, but ShopKeep is also used in bars, restaurants, and hotels. ShopKeep offers three different pricing packages with various features. We will explore the characteristics of their recommended package here. 

ShopKeep Standard offers integrated payments, accounting, and e-commerce. They also offer several add-on integrations including Google Ads, MailChimp, and BlueCheck ID verification. Some features allow you to schedule appointments, organize your inventory, and offer gift cards. 

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Korona Cloud POS 

Korona Cloud offers a POS solution that boasts 24/7 support, three different pricing plans, and a custom pricing option for more advanced needs. Korona is generally used for retail and lists event management and cafe-service options on their website as use-cases for their solution.

Korona offers several packages, but their mid-range package includes reporting, a customizable dashboard, manager functions, gift cards, and inventory management. You can also use Korona for employee time tracking and e-commerce solutions. They also offer an accounting integration and include loss prevention features like customizable employee permissions for inventory management. 

Square for Retail 

When we think of Square, we may think of the small cellphone attachment we’ve seen popping up at craft fairs and fundraisers, but Square for Retail is a POS solution that can support a variety of businesses. Square’s pricing model is based on the number of transactions processed, taking a percentage and fee from every payment.

Square offers multi-location inventory management features, applicable if you have multiple stores or separate warehouses for different products. You can also use Square for gift cards, customer relationship management, and vendor management. There are also timecard reporting features and optional integration with Square Payroll for employee payments. 


Harbortouch offers retail POS systems, but mainly positions itself as a solution for restaurants, nightclubs, and coffee shops. They provide both hardware and software solutions to their customers and offer a lifetime warranty on their equipment. Their pricing options do not appear on their website and seem to be available by request only. 

Harbortouch offers features like inventory tracking and vendor management options. You can also use Harbortouch for case breaking and mix-and-match pricing, particularly useful in a liquor store environment. You can manage gift cards and discounts through Harbortouch, as well as employee management and time-clocking. 

The Best Liquor Store Inventory Software 

Not all liquor store inventory software solutions are created equal. Your inventory management software should be capable of meeting the specific inventory needs of your store. As a liquor store owner, your inventory is likely the most significant investment you make in your business. You need to make sure you are using an inventory software solution with the features and benefits to make your store successful.

POS Nation can help you keep a finger on the pulse of your liquor store’s inventory. Schedule a demo today to see how we can help you take the pain and frustration out of your inventory management processes.

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