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Our tobacco and cigar POS software allows you to uncover trends within your customers' buying habits, track cartons and packs, streamline business reporting, and more so you can have total control over your business.

Carton-Pack Inventory Tracking

Tired of counting individual cigars and cigarette packs? Automatically record the status of cartons, packs, and boxes when individual units are sold. Learn more here

Age Verification

Verify the age of your customers in record time. Avoid any cashier errors and ensure you protect your customers and business. Learn more here.

Make Well-Informed Business Decisions

Over 55 prebuilt reports and additional customizations, make it easy to analyze every aspect of your business so that you can make well-informed decisions that drive your bottom line. Learn more here.

Scan Data Reporting with Mix and Match Pricing

Easily track discounts from manufacturers and produce a tobacco scan data report so you can always be sure to get your rebates. Learn more here. 

Build Kits for Your Smoke Shop

Build custom components into a kit to give your new tobacco customers the options they need. Easily program them as a bundle into your POS system.

Reduce Retail Shrinkage

You work too hard to lose profit to inventory shrinkage.  Check out our out-of-the-box loss prevention features so your profits can stay in your pocket. Learn more here

Out of the Box Customer Loyalty

Utilize a customer display to capture valuable contact information for tracking purchases and providing rewards. 


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POS Nation Systems Made for Your Tobacco Store

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Flex Monthly

$149 / mo

  • Widescreen Touch PC, Thermal Receipt Printer, Barcode Laser Scanner, Pinpad, Mini Keyboard, Inventory Import Service, 16 in. Cash Drawer
  • Pay monthly for your POS software and hardware
  • 24/7 support and unlimited training
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Requires POS Nation Processing Agreement

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Hardware Bundle

  • Widescreen Touch PC, Thermal Receipt Printer, Barcode Laser Scanner, Mini Keyboard, Inventory Import Service, 16 in. Cash Drawer
  • Pay monthly for your POS software and Support
  • 2 Year Hardware Warranty
  • Requires POS Nation Processing Agreement - Includes Free Pinpad
  • No Long-Term Contracts

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Custom Build

Build your custom POS System. Simple steps. Premium system. Made for you.

  • Let us know what your business needs in a point of sale system and get custom pricing
  • Multiple payment options in the Custom Build POS
  • New customers get one-time discount code
  • No long-term contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • Requires Processing Agreement

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Take control of your business. Get the POS system that’s purpose-built for profit.

FAQs: Tobacco Shop POS System

Here are several frequently asked questions from tobacco and cigar shop owners like you!

What kind of smoke shops do you cater towards?

From high-end cigar and pipe shops to discount cigarette stores, POS Nation has successfully implemented hundreds of tobacco POS systems and is well versed with the particular needs of the industry.


We do not service CBD or cannabis stores at this time. 

What does a tobacco store POS system come with?

Our standard tobacco POS hardware setup includes a touchscreen computer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, and receipt printer.

Most tobacco stores are also interested in barcode label printers, which allow businesses to print custom barcodes for individual cigars, and customer displays, which allow customers to see the price of the products as they are rung up.

The most common hardware upgrade for tobacco stores are ID scanners to facilitate age verification. 

What’s the most useful feature of your tobacco store point of sale?

In our opinion, the carton-pack inventory feature is the most useful feature of our tobacco POS software.

Our tobacco point of sale automatically tracks cigarette stock levels, even when cartons are broken down into individual packs. The same feature can also track individual cigars and cigar boxes, letting you know your exact stock at all times.

How else can a smoke shop POS system save me time and money?

Two other features that will help streamline your business are custom label printing and financial reporting and tracking.

Custom label printing allows you to automatically print individual cigar labels when you receive inventory — and with financial reporting, calculate monthly tobacco tax with a few simple clicks.

Can your tobacco point of sale track loose leaf tobacco?
Absolutely. With a standalone scale that’s directly integrated to your POS, you can seamlessly weigh and ring up loose leaf tobacco.