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Feature: Returns

Equally as important to the checkout process is the ability to efficiently process a return. Learn how our retail POS software does that!

See It In Action

For happier customers (and cashiers) use our fast and simple return process. 



There are a few ways to perform a return for a customer.

If you have the original receipt, you can actually scan the barcode on the bottom of that receipt.

That will bring up this menu here.

You can select Return Items, and you’ll be able to choose all or any individual items that you’d like to return on that receipt.

Once you select it, click Select to approve the selection.

It’s going to ask us for the customer’s name, and after that, it’s going to ask us for the reason that we’re doing the return.

From here, all you have to do is click on Pay to give the customer their money back.

And you can see here in the parentheses that it’s a negative amount, so you’re the one paying it out.

You can also see the line over on the left indicating the quantity, which will actually return that number back to inventory when you finalize the payment.

If you want to do a return but you don’t have the customer receipt — but you did go to reports to find the invoice number — you can go to Search or your TouchScreen Lookup, or scan the barcode on that item to bring it back into the cart.

We need to click on the item and change quantity to a negative by clicking the plus or minus button and hit OK.

Once we do this, it’s going to ask for that invoice number.

After that, it asks for the customer’s name again, so I’ll type that in with the keyboard and hit Select.

And just like we did before, select the reason code.

And there you go! We can see that the item is back in the cart for a negative quantity of one, returning it to inventory, and giving the customer their money back.

To do that, of course, click on Pay and choose the original payment method or whatever payment method you prefer.

You can see here, on the receipt, that the customer was refunded and another item was put back into stock.

Processing a Return

Returning items doesn't have to be a pain!

Easier for Customers

It can be frustrating for customers to manage receipts. With the option to search a transaction or scan a receipt, customers can have a headache-free return process. 

Easier for Cashiers

Dealing with an irate customer is a waking nightmare for employees. Whether or not they have a receipt shouldn't add to it.

Cashiers have the ability to search for customer transactions, plus additional ways to transact a return on the POS screen!

Other Features

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Faster checkouts. Easier transactions.

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  • Two-year warranty
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