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Feature: Reducing Shrinkage

Did you know retail businesses lose 45 billion dollars to shrinkage every year? While it’s impossible to completely eliminate shrinkage, CAP Retail by POS Nation has loss prevention features that can help you keep your money in your business.

How to Prevent Shoplifting and Employee Theft

Guide: Minimizing Theft, Improving Security, and Increasing Profits for Your Small Business

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Dealing with a shrinkage issue at your business? See how you can minimize this profit-zapper:



Did you know retail businesses lose 45 billion dollars to shrinkage every year?

As a business owner, that’s money coming directly out of your pocket.

While it’s impossible to completely eliminate shrinkage, our software, CAP Retail by POS Nation, has features that can help you keep your money in your business.

The key is powerful employee management, advanced inventory tracking, and drawer counts.

CAP Retail by POS Nation allows you to set employee permissions at the individual level.

When onboarding a new employee, you can start by only allowing them to make a sale.

Any additional actions, such as cancelling a transaction or returning an item, will require a manager.

Let’s say this same employee has been working hard, and they’ve just been promoted to a head cashier.

The software makes it easy to adjust permissions, letting you grant employees access to cancellations, returns, and any other action with just a few clicks.

CAP Retail by POS Nation also prompts reasons for loss.

If a return is processed and the item is damaged, it can be flagged in the software.

Employee errors and stolen products can also be logged, so when the time comes for an inventory count, you know exactly what happened to items that aren’t accounted for.

Lastly, CAP Retail by POS Nation makes managing blind drawer counts a breeze.

This means your team won’t know how much cash should be in their drawer at the beginning or end of their shift.

They’ll simply be asked to count their drawer and any discrepancies can be caught immediately.

At the end of the day, shrinkage affects your profits.

No small business owner wants that, which is why it’s so important to utilize these features — which are baked right into our software!

To learn more about CAP Retail by POS Nation or take a live demo, call 877-727-3548.

FAQs: Inventory Shrinkage

How is POS Nation better at managing inventory shrinkage?

POS Nation offers blind drawer counts, custom codes to track inventory depletion and discrepancies, as well as granular employee permissions to combat retail shrinkage. The other guys may offer just one or two of these important features!

Check out the video or transcript above for more details, or give us a call to talk through any of these features!

How much do POS Nation's loss prevention features cost?

Every POS system comes equipped with all of these loss prevention features out of the box at no additional cost. Learn about pricing here

Other Features

Here are a few of our other features we think you'll enjoy...

Reduce or eliminate the cost of accepting credit cards.

Dual Pricing

You can seamlessly offer options to pass the cost of processing onto your customers
Safer and faster checkouts.

Contactless Payment

Offer a safer way to cash out with contactless pay, including mobile and tap-to-pay options.
Track items, no matter how they're packaged.

Case Breaks

Selling individual items from packs, cases, and cartons no longer has to be an inventory nightmare.

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