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Feature: Coupons

Everyone loves a deal, especially one as common as coupons. Whether you're accepting them at checkout or creating your own deals, ensure your point of sale system is up to the task.  

See It In Action

Create and accept coupons in our complete point of sale solution. See how it's done below:



Hello there, I’m Spencer with POS Nation. 

If you’re like most small business retailers, nothing gets customers in the door faster than a deal. 

One of the easiest ways to offer deals is through coupons. 

With CAP Retail by POS Nation we not only allow businesses to accept coupons, but give you the ability to create your own coupons!

I'm going to show you a couple ways to do that now. 

First I'll scan an item into the system. Once the item is in there, I can add my discounts. 

So I have a coupon code that is on the main screen on the right ide. I can touch that button to add a coupon I've created. 

And there's a way to make it easily accessible.

I can also create my own coupons on the fly. In the exceptions menu I have the ability to create vendor- or store-level coupons. 

I would select the vendor coupon, hit the 'yes' prompt because I want to add this coupon to my item, then select the amount. And then the vendor coupon is added as well. 

Another way I can do this is to scan in manufacturing coupons directly. These are prepaid coupons maybe sent out in mailers, on people's phone, or something they may have clipped out of a magazine.

As long as these are formatted in the proper manner, you do not have to enter those into the system, you just scan them and they take off the proper amount.  And it will also enter a vendor code that's embedded in the barcode on those coupons.

So hopefully that helps you understand a little bit about how you can use coupons with CAP Retail and how it can help out your business. 

If you have any more questions about using this coupon feature or a point of sale solution, please contact us at 877-727-3548 or Thanks for watching. 

Point of Sale Coupons: Create and Accept Coupons For Faster Checkouts and Easier Transactions

What kind of coupons can I accept?

POS Nation for Retail makes it possible to accept manufacturer coupons — yep, the ones you get in your mail, clipped in magazines, or on the phone — as well as vendor coupons!

What if I want to create my own coupons?

Coupon creation is simple with CAP Retail by POS Nation! We allow retailers to create their own coupons and make them easily accessible via hotkeys on their point of sale. 

How are coupons tracked in my reports?
Coupon reporting can be found in the Reports module, under the Discounts section. It will show a summary of  monies discounted, as well as a list of each coupon used.


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