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Feature: Case Breaks

Selling individual items from packs, cases, and cartons no longer has to be an inventory nightmare. See how our case break feature makes it easy to track items, no matter how they're packaged.

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See It In Action

Automatically record the status of cartons, packs, cases, and boxes when individual units sell: 



For stores that purchase certain products by the case, but sell them by the case, pack, and single, tracking the relationship between the three units should be as simple as possible.

CAP Retail includes a Break Pack Link feature that allows you to designate the case product, and then “link” the related 6 pack and single items, whether or not they share a common UPC. 

Selling singles or 6 packs will automatically reduce, or “break”, the case quantity and update the available 6 pack and single quantities.

This is a huge time saver for liquor stores, c-stores, and grocery stores — eliminating the need to manually update quantities.

Case Breaks for Smarter Inventory Management

Track Individual Item Sales From Cases, Packs, or Cartons

It's easy enough to sell and track a carton of cigarettes, or a case of beer. But what if you want to sell a single pack or single beer? Who's got time to count and reconcile inventory? With our case break feature, this is done for you automatically after a simple set up!

Industries Who Benefit Most from the Case Break Feature

At POS Nation, customers who benefit the most are from utilizing our break pack/case break features include:

  • Liquor, Beer, and Wine Businesses
  • Tobacco Shops
  • Convenience Stores

These business owners often carry items in packs, cartons, and cases, and need to sell down to the individual item level. With case breaks and our break pack link feature, our customers have saved countless hours in manual inventory counting.

Other Features

Here are a few of our other features we think you'll enjoy...

You've got it? We can label it.

Label Printing

With custom and pre-set labeling options, barcoding even the strangest of stock is a breeze — odd bottle or cigar, anyone?
Simpler returns for a speedier checkout.

Transactions: Returns

A critical part of retail transactions; our multiple return options and simple process create happier customers and employees.
Flexible pricing in one screen.

Edit Item Price

Mark up or discount a single item, or the entire invoice, right from your POS transaction screen.

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