POS Nation for Retail vs. ShopKeep

If you've just opened a new business that relies primarily on pop up shops and mobile events for sales, then you may want to consider ShopKeep. But if you're looking for a retail point of sale system that can scale with your growth and offers best-in-class, 24/7 support, then join the over 10,000 small business retailers who trust POS Nation. 


How is POS Nation different from ShopKeep?


Industry Focus

ShopKeep: Services both retail and restaurant businesses, but lacks specialty in any one industry. 

POS Nation: Built to support exclusively retail small businesses, this team is equipped with years of industry expertise.

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Growth and Scalability

ShopKeep: At this time, ShopKeep is unable to connect multiple locations and is not recommended for businesses that want to expand.

POS Nation: Has the ability to add on and connect multiple business locations, so we can grow with your business. 

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ShopKeep: This is a 100% cloud-based POS system, so having a strong and stable internet connection is needed to use the software.

POS Nation: A hybrid system, this software offers internet-enabled cloud capabilities for accessing business-critical data, as well a local database which does not require internet.

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ShopKeep: An introductory product which can be easier to use for small retailers who are new to the industry.

POS Nation: POS Nation for Retail offers advanced features, over 55 built-in reports, and customization options, which may take more time to learn for less tech savvy owners. 

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ShopKeep: Limited hardware offerings; if your business requires the sale of weighed items, or displaying transactions or advertisements, this is a challenge. 

POS Nation: Offers a large variety of hardware, including advanced hardware for your specific retail industry's needs: customer displays, integrated scales, wireless scanners, label printers, and more. 

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Employee Management

ShopKeep: Limited ability to configure security settings.

POS Nation: Customizable security settings including different roles for levels of access to software, requiring passwords, and more. 

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Account Management

ShopKeep: No capabilities for account charges, accounts receivable, or layaways.

POS Nation: This database excels at management, including on account charges and statements, multiple price levels, and tax exempt tracking.

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There's a Better Way with POS Nation

ShopKeep is a fine system, but it’s more of a lightweight retail solution than a business software. It’s designed for small, simple businesses that really want to run transactions and nothing else; missing key features that any growing business will require.
With POS Nation, everything you need to improve checkout and grow your business comes out of the box.
There's a better way.  

Local vs. Cloud: Get the Best of Both with POS Nation's Hybrid Solution

At POS Nation, we understand that business owners cannot afford to be at the whim of an unstable wireless connection. 

That's why our solution offers both a system that operates locally and comes equipped with cloud capabilities so you can access the information you need to make decisions 24/7. 

Built to Grow with Your Business

In addition to best-in-class, 24/7 support and a dedicated customer success manager, POS Nation comes pre-packaged with the features you need to speed up checkout today and grow your customer base and business tomorrow. 

POS Nation's solution and in-house team are positioned for a long-term commitment to every customer.



Experts in Your Industry

While ShopKeep offers a solution for retailers, restauranteurs, cafes, and more, POS Nation has deep specialty in retail point of sale solutions. 

From sales to support, and onboarding to customer success, every member of their team offers deep expertise in your specific business. 

Integrated Hardware Makes Life Easier

At POS Nation, we offer a wide variety of commercial-grade, warranty-backed hardware to fit any retail aesthetic. From the basics to add-on peripheral devices, we've got it all. 

Need to sell by weight? Want to showcase advertisements or display transactions to customers? Not only do we carry all the hardware add-ons you need, but they come integrated for a truly plug-and-play solution. 


Free Buyers' Guide

Download your free copy of our special buyers' guide. We’ll show you the top questions to ask before buying and how to find the best hardware and software for your business.

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