Comparing POS Nation and National Retail Solutions:

A Guide to Choosing the Best POS System for Your Retail Business.

  • If you need a comprehensive POS system with full inventory control, choose POS Nation.
  • If you're only focused on selling phone cards, NRS may be a better fit for you. However, keep in mind its limited POS features.
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POS Nation has More Features, Without More Complexity

NRS has limited integration options, making it challenging to streamline business processes and connect with other systems.
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Industry Focus*

Payment Processing*


Remote Access*

Included Add-Ons*

Hardware Offerings*

Tablet Usage*

Processing Rate*

Positive Reviews*

No Long Term Contracts

No Mandatory Monthly Fees for Support or Hardware Warranty

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Subscription Option That Can Be Canceled at Anytime

Cloud-Based System

Free Inventory Import and Setup

Dedicated Customer Success and Technical Support Representative


Advanced Reporting

24/7 Customer Support

Free Training Resources

*Both options offer capabilities, but “YES” stands out as the superior choice.

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The flexible, fully customizable alternative to National Retail Solution.

POS Nation offers a broader selection of tailored options to meet the unique needs of various businesses.

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Wider range of integrations and features

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More Reliable and Fast Customer Support

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Higher user ratings and positive reviews

From Managing Inventory to Back End Reporting, You Get it All

Streamline Inventory Management

Know what's in stock, manage purchase orders, receive reorder points to replenish low or out of stock inventory, and streamline inventory counts with a handheld device.

Quick Transactions, Fewer Errors with Customized Hotkeys

Use hotkeys to look up produce and other non-barcoded items. Sort products to quickly navigate through items and eliminate cashier errors. Hotkeys ultimately reduce checkout time by eliminating the need for sorting through PLU numbers.

Get a Better Handle on the Financial Status of Your Operations.

Unsure where to start? Our software comes with over 55 prebuilt reports and additional customizations. View reports on virtually every aspect of your business, or export them to Excel for further analysis. Learn more here.

Pain-Free Employee Management

Gauge productivity, manage clock in and clock out schedules, set employee-level pay rates, program security levels and permissions, and make better staffing decisions.

Customer Loyalty and Sales History

Track buying patterns and create promos to retain current customers and win new business. With our software's built-in loyalty program (including the ability to assign loyalty cards to individual customers), generate more repeat business.

AR/AP Tracking

Tailor accounting processes to fit your unique needs, keeping income flowing and clients paying on time.

Label and Barcode Printing

Every retailer knows how important the barcode scanner is to quickly make a sale. Create labels and tags with one click. Use the built-in label tool to decide quantity and size, and then start printing. The system also automatically adds new items to the print queue. Learn more here.

Loss Prevention to Keep Profits in Your Store

Annually, retail shrinkage accounts for 45 billion dollars. While no one can completely eliminate shrinkage, POS Nation includes several free features to help combat inventory loss including employee permissions, transaction records, integrated security footage, and more. Learn more here.

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24/7 Access to Your Business

By its nature, cloud-based software is accessible anywhere with an internet-enabled device. POS Nation brings you software that works wherever and whenever you are, so you don't need to be tethered to your physical store locations.

Auto Rank Your Best and Worst Moving Inventory

Our software includes artificial intelligence to show you which products are moving, and which are contributing to dead stock. Quick read visualization such as color-coding and A to D letter-grade ranking make it simple to communicate promos to your employees — and easily assess what your hot sellers are!

Customer Rewards and Marketing

A sleek customer display allows you to reward customers for purchases at your business.  Use that data along with our marketing integration to deliver messages right to your customers' phones about your latest promotions and events!

Why Small Businesses Choose POS Nation over NRS Pos.

Seamless Integration with Other Systems

POS Nation offers seamless integration with accounting and e-commerce platforms, making it easier for businesses to streamline processes and access critical data.

In contrast, NRS has limited integration options, causing manual data entry and decreased efficiency for businesses.

Some of our most efficient integrations:

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Accouting integration - QuickBooks + CAP Retail

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Inventory import - Transfer Your Current Inventory

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Offline mode to process transactions and syncs when internet is back up

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More Transparent Pricing Model

Don't be fooled by NRS's low upfront cost - hidden monthly fees, including a whopping $49.95 for cash discounting, will quickly add up. 

POS Nation offers:

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Upfront or monthly payment option - no hidden costs

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Lower Payment Processing rates - 0.10% and $0.05 per transaction

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Offline mode to process transactions and syncs when internet is back up

Give the best value for your money with a top-rated POS system


User-friendly Reporting and Data Analysis

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Over 55 Pre-Built Reports

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Easily export invoice data to cash

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Auto ranking - color codes and grades so you can see which products are moving

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Switching to POS Nation is easy.

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Only 2-day training 

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Dedicated customer service manager

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Inventory import Done For You - exactly what you had before 

There's a Better Way with POS Nation

National Retails Solutions is great as a cloud-based POS software solution, but it falls short when understanding the unique nuances of small to medium businesses.

With POS Nation, everything you need to improve checkout and grow your business comes out of the box.