POS Nation for Retail vs. NRS

If you're looking for a solution that doesn't prioritize critical POS features like full inventory control, but allows you to sell Boss Revolution phone cards, then NRS (National Retail Solution) is perfect for your business. Otherwise, join the over 10,000 small business owners who trust POS Nation's feature-rich point of sale software and best-in-class, 24/7 support.


How is POS Nation different from NRS?


Payment Options

NRS: Offers only an upfront payment, and required, monthly recurring fees, including $20 per month per point of sale station.

POS Nation: Flexible payment options, including the choice to pay up front, make monthly payments, or subscribe to rent a point of sale system.

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Processing Rate

NRS: Every merchant services provider charges a processing fee. With National Retail Solution, their processing rate sits at 2.49% and $0.10 per transaction.

POS Nation: With some of the most competitive rates in the industry, we offer a rate of 0.10% and $0.05 per transaction above Interchange.

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Software: Cloud vs. Local

NRS: Only offers cloud-based software, which is not optimized for high-volume industries.

POS Nation: Offers local database and
cloud-based capabilities to support
a wide variety of business types and maintains speed for higher-volume industries.

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Support & Reviews

NRS: Their outsourced support team with poor setup and training experience means there are many negative customer reviews tied to support.

POS Nation: Our 24/7, in-house tech support team provides unlimited system training and setup. This in turn has generated over 600 reviews from real, happy customers.

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Rear Display

NRS: A rear display is included in the POS system purchase.

POS Nation: Rear displays are an additional cost as a part of our wide array of hardware add-ons.

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NRS: Users are required to show Boss Revolution international calling card advertisement on POS system display, often translating to a 'gimmicky' look and feel for customers.

POS Nation: With us, users are free to promote whatever is most beneficial to their business on their system’s display.

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There's a Better Way with POS Nation

We recommend other POS systems when we know they'll be what's in the best interest of our customers; unfortunately, NRS (National Retail Solution) is not a solution we ever recommend. But don't take our word for it, check out their reviews

With POS Nation, receiving your system is just the start of our relationship. Our technical support is there for you 24/7, and you have every feature your business needs to grow out of the box. 
There's a better way with POS Nation.  

No Hidden Costs

While NRS' upfront cost may be lower than competitors', there are ongoing additional monthly fees — including $49.95/month for cash discounting, which POS Nation includes out of the box. 

At POS Nation we believe in a straightforward, all-inclusive pricing model. Choose an upfront or monthly payment option, and get a POS solution equipped with everything you need — including add-ons, features, and support.  

Reliable 24/7, US-Based Support

Everyone claims to offer support. But our best-in-class, 24/7 support and large variety of services means help is just a call away.

When you call, someone answers. 

Our in-house support is the same team that sold you your system, so you can rest assured you're getting expert care!

The other guys fall well short of our standard of support: see the reviews


Features to Run and Grow Your Business

Managing case breaks, tracking inventory, and calculating the cost of items are need-to-have features. Unfortunately, NRS does not include these basic functions.

With POS Nation, we include every feature your business needs, including:

  • Full Inventory Control
  • Case Break Inventory (track by pack, case or single)
  • Unlimited Item Input (without sacrificing system speed)
  • Greater Reporting Usability
  • Cash Discounting Options

Local vs. Cloud: POS Nation Offers the Best of Both

We understand that it's critical your business not be at the whim of a spotty internet connection. Our system operates locally, but provides the most critical business functions through our cloud features. 

With the other guys, a spotty WiFi connection could mean dollars lost until your system reconnects. 


POS Nation Payment Processing Means More Money in Your Pockets

We're here to help you select the optimal payment processing partner for your company to ensure accepting credit cards is as fast, easy, and affordable as possible. 

And if you decide to go with POS Nation's preferred payment processing, we offer a significantly lower rate compared to the other guys. 

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