POS Nation for Retail vs. Clover POS

If you're looking for a solution that overcharges and underdelivers, then Clover is just fine for your business. But if you're looking for a feature-rich point of sale software coupled with best-in-class, 24/7 support, then join the over 10,000 small business owners who trust POS Nation. 


How is POS Nation different from Clover POS?


System Cost

Clover: Monthly payments are required with no option to purchase system outright. All integrations and advanced features require an additional monthly cost. 

POS Nation: Competitive industry pricing. Flexible payment options allow for upfront or monthly payments, with no long-term contracts.

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Inventory Control

Clover: Basic inventory control with manual actions required for keeping track of products. 10,000 item limit. Some capabilities require an additional monthly cost.

POS Nation: In-depth inventory control with the ability to set product reorder amounts and create automatic purchase orders. No item limit.

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Cloud Reporting

Clover: System comes equipped with simple and easy reporting. Analytics are visually pleasing and user-friendly.

POS Nation: Cloud reporting is an available feature. The analytics are extremely in-depth, which some users could find complicated.

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Add-On Features

Clover: Several add-ons — but they cost extra. Additional hardware or system upgrades may be required for integration capability.

POS Nation: The system comes equipped with all add-ons and POS integrations. One price with everything included.

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Mobile Payment

Clover: The system accepts all payment
methods and excels in processing mobile payments.

POS Nation: Mobile payments are accepted. However, the system excels when processing standard payment methods.

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Checkout Speed

Clover: Does not support high-volume businesses such as convenience stories and groceries where checkout speed is critical. The system lacks many necessary hardware integrations that these industries require.

POS Nation: Industry-specific hardware allows for complete customization and quick checkout — no matter what’s being sold.

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Weight Scales

Clover: The system only supports a 15-pound weigh scale. Therefore, retailers like grocers cannot use this system if they need heavy-duty hardware such as scanner scales.

POS Nation: The system supports many kinds of scales, including scanner scales. Several other pieces of add-on POS hardware are supported as well.

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Tech Support

Clover: Clover has several resellers, therefore, you likely won’t get support from the same people who sold you your system.

POS Nation: In-house support comes from the same team that sold you your system. Available to help 24/7.

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There's a Better Way with POS Nation

Clover POS is ideal for the business owner who wants to pay for every add-on and upgrade their store may need. With POS Nation, everything you need to improve checkout and grow your business comes out of the box.
There's a better way.  

No Hidden Costs

At POS Nation, we believe in a straightforward, all-inclusive pricing model. Clover POS may advertise a lower sticker price, but when you add up the total cost of ownership, we're the better bang for your buck. 

Whether you choose an upfront or monthly payment option, our POS solution comes equipped with all add-ons and POS integrations. 

Reliable 24/7 Support

Everyone offers support. But our best-in-class, 24/7 support and large variety of services means help is just a call away.

Our in-house support is the same team that sold you your system, so you can rest assured you're getting expert care!



Don't Get Trapped with a Long-Term Contract

Whether you want to stay with us forever or take it one month at a time, our flexible payment options and 30-day money back guarantee mean you're never locked into a contract with no way out!

Hardware That's More than Just Pretty

Clover's POS hardware only works with Clover, meaning if you ever decide to switch systems you can't bring it with you. Also, if you have existing hardware, forget about getting it to work with their POS software...

At POS Nation, we offer a wide variety of commercial-grade, warranty-backed hardware to fit any retail aesthetic. From the basics to add-on peripheral devices, we've got it all. 



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