Gina Obert
By Gina Obert on March 06, 2019

Does it Really Matter Who You Buy a POS System From?

The point of sale market is a bit of a minefield — and there’s no shortage of companies selling POS systems these days. We could write an entire article about the different selections out there, but for simplicity, let’s differentiate the market by only one criterion: POS providers that offer multiple options compared to those that only push one, and only one.

Having Point of Sale Options to Choose From

Let’s say you’re going car shopping but you’re not sure exactly what you want. The first dealership you stop into only offers Ford trucks. You can imagine how the conversation would play out:

I’m looking for a new car.

Great, I’ve got a Ford truck with your name on it!

I have six kids.

Perfect, Ford trucks are great for kids.

I live in New York City.

Even better. Ford trucks are made for city driving.

I’m very environmentally focused.

Compared to a Hummer, Ford trucks get AMAZING gas mileage…

Here’s the point of this heavy-handed analogy. The unique aspects of your business and what you want out of a point of sale system don’t matter when you speak to a company that only offers, and heavily pushes, one option.

The sales rep doesn’t need to ask questions about your business because the answers aren’t important to them. That single option is going to be shoved down your throat whether you like it or not. Viewed in that light, the benefits of purchasing a point of sale system from a POS company that offers flexibility is pretty straightforward — you’ll have way more choices and much more customization to your business.

Working with a Product Specialist vs. Working with a Salesperson

1903_WhoBuyFrom_Embed (1)When a sales rep is tasked with selling a specific system, they are only interested in selling that system to you. Whether their POS is best for your type of business or not, the sales rep will do everything in his or her power to convince you that it is. That’s their job: convince you to pick that system no matter what.

On the other hand, POS Nation product specialists have worked with enough businesses in the areas we specialize in: liquor, wine, tobacco, retail, convenience stores, groceries, markets, lawn and garden centers, and hardware stores. When you speak to our team members, they know right away if our software can not only support, but grow with your business. The experience is more like talking to a consultant who's an expert in the industry.

We learn about your business and listen to what's important to you. They present our recommendation to you based on your business needs. They can compare their recommendation to the other options, and while no system is perfect, they can explain why it's the best system for you — even if that means going with a POS Nation competitor.

Compare the two experiences and the differences are stark.

The Impact on Your Business

Again, no system is perfect, but your business will run smoother when you have a system designed to meet your needs instead of you having to change your business processes to meet the design of the POS system. Maybe you wanted that Ford truck all along — but if you’re an environmentalist living in New York City with six kids, it might be nice to hear about a couple other options as well.

If you would like to discuss your point of sale needs with the POS Nation team, request a quote or build your system online!


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Published by Gina Obert March 6, 2019
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