By Gina Obert on June 23, 2015

3 Ways the Proper Vapor POS System Can Grow Your Vapor Store

There’s no question about it: Vaping is taking off as an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. But despite the innate popularity of such a practice, vapor store owners should be doing more to build their businesses. One of the most common mistakes we see vape shop owners making is operating their store more like a hobby and less like a professional business. This might be fun at first, but continued success can only be found through smart management. And because we're POS Nation, the first step we'll advocate in professionalizing your business is to utilize the tools a POS system can offer your business. The right vapor POS system can grow your vapor store by:

Making transactions fast and simple for customers and cashiers.

Customers hate spending several minutes at the front counter, waiting for cashiers to locate the products they want. Similarly, cashiers don’t like watching lines of angry customers form while they try to ring up the sale of a particular flavor of vape juice in the right size container and with the right nicotine level. A vapor POS system with easy-to-navigate, drill-down menus completely eliminates problems like this—which means more sales. Our vape shop database guides employees in a logical way through the list of products you sell. So, anyone can process a sale correctly—even without an in-depth knowledge of your vapor POS software or inventory.

Making it easy to keep customers interested and loyal.

New vapor shops are opening everywhere, meaning it’s more important than ever to cultivate a loyal customer base. And because we're bringing it up, we can obviously help you out here in two different ways. First, run customized loyalty programs designed to incentivize repeat business. The more your customers spend, the more points they earn that can be redeemed for dollar or percentage discounts.

A vapor POS system can also help by storing important customer information including previous purchases. For example, you can recall past juice blends purchased or even suggest vaping equipment and different flavors or brands of juice based on any identified buying patterns. The payoff comes in increased customer loyalty.

Making it simple to run more than one vape shop.

If you’re like many vapor store operators we talk to, you own multiple locations. The more shops you have, the more challenging it is to manage inventory and monitor sales. A vapor POS system that supports multi-site management makes it easy to stay on top of your business. How? Our system gives you a view of inventory across the board and simplifies ordering for all stores.

Monitoring sales and positioning your business for growth are both easier when your vapor POS system offers centralized online/cloud-based reporting. This lets you run real-time sales reports on a computer, smartphone, or tablet—whenever you want and wherever you are.

The vapor store segment is clearly poised for expansion. With the right vapor POS system, and with the vaping trend continuing to reach new heights, you can expect big success going forward.


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