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5 POS Training Tips to Help Your Workforce Successfully Onboard

For many first-time business owners, purchasing a point of sale (POS) system is one of the most significant investments that she/he will make. As such, maximizing employee effectiveness within the system from the outset is usually the number one priority.

Most modern POS systems come equipped with powerful introductory software to help you and your team onboard. Moreover, many vendors offer a robust knowledge base filled with helpful how-to and troubleshooting content. In some cases, vendors may even offer in-depth POS training and onboarding programs to help your business streamline system adoption and implementation.

In fact, POS Nation has helped thousands of business owners and managers orient toward rapid and sustained POS system success through hands-on training and easy-to-use retail POS software. The question is – what can your business do to empower your POS workforce?

5 POS Training Tips to Master Onboarding

So, why is POS training so important?

Simply having an all-in-one retail POS system won’t make your business run more efficiently. The value is in using all the tools and features correctly. Your staff needs to have a great first experience with the POS system. Point of sale training and onboarding is where that happens — and making it easy and welcoming is crucial.

In many ways, the transition to a new POS system is an overwhelming experience for staff. A fear of change is something business owners need to consider during system onboarding.

While we can't share all of our insider knowledge with you, we can give you a list of our very best tips to help you and your employees master system onboarding. Consult this helpful guide before, during, and after POS system activation.

Retail POS System Buyers Guide1. Appoint POS Training Lead 

Start by appointing a POS training lead. This person is responsible for the following:

  • Being the main point of contact between your business and the POS vendor.
  • Communicating training updates to appropriate stakeholders (employees, management).
  • Ask questions related to system functionality, software, and hardware.
  • Ensure team members are successfully onboarded.

Your POS training lead should be organized, ready to learn, and capable of teaching others. Most importantly, they should be excited about your new POS system!

2. Highlight System Features

While you may be eager to try out all the great features of your POS system, your employees won’t need to know or access every feature. Make sure their training is focused on the five features of the system they will use the most. 

You can create separate feature lists for different employee roles. While cashiers need to master transactions, payments, and returns, other employees may need to know inventory management, employee management, or sales reporting. 

3. Provide Hands-On Experiences

Hands-on POS training is perhaps the most valuable for your employees. It helps them feel comfortable and reduces their stress when they have to start using the POS system in real interactions with customers. Many POS providers offer the ability to run test transactions. It is a good idea to build these into your training plan. 

While test transactions are a valuable learning experience, completing real transactions requires navigating unforeseen hiccups that happen in real life. Some solutions partners allow retailers to simulate common problems, such as declined credit cards. If they do, build these into your POS training program as well.

Retail POS System Buyers Guide4. Exercise Patience

People learn at different speeds. Your employees are no different, so remember to exercise a bit of patience. Employees who have more experience with different POS systems may learn the new system easily. On the other hand, newer employees with less POS experience may take longer to learn the system. Plan for this with your POS training lead and work out a way to gauge employee progress and comfort with the new POS system.

5. Ask for Feedback

You won’t know if your employees don’t feel comfortable in the new POS system unless you ask. Request feedback both during and after your POS training session. Ask specific questions about their experience to surface potential problems and make staff feel like their opinions and expertise are valued.

POS Nation Delivers Powerful POS Training

When you choose POS Nation as your point of sale provider, you get more than an all-in-one retail POS system capable of growing with your business. Our onboarding process makes setting up your new system simple. 

Your designated customer success manager works with you to coordinate a POS training plan based on your unique needs. They will also upload your business' inventory, train you and your employees on the vast functionalities our system offers, and ensure that you have the tools to implement the new system seamlessly. Booking a session is easy, and you can schedule as many training sessions as you and your employees need to feel confident with your point of sale software.

Retail POS System Buyers Guide


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