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By Gina Obert on July 18, 2019

Must-Have Garden Center POS Features

While garden centers and nurseries are considered retail stores, the industry is a lot more specialized than your traditional retail shop. From tools, materials, and large outdoor plants, operating a garden center requires a POS system with custom functionality.

How do you know if the point of sale system you’re considering can keep up? We’ll highlight a few must-have POS features for garden centers and nurseries.

Managing Accounts Receivable and Work Orders

With a point of sale system, you can easily track lawn and garden equipment rentals, work orders for deliveries, wholesale accounts, and offsite projects all in one place. This includes quotes, due dates, billing and invoicing, and rental and service history.

The system also allows for pricing customization. Tiered pricing is an option for your contractors, allowing you to add discounts to accounts if they are frequent customers who place large orders. You can also issue and print full-size invoices, and collect payments, all within the same system.

Labeling Large Outdoor Products

Many of our customers ask how they should label outdoor products and ring up large items. A POS system that’s customized for a garden center should be able to support both of these with ease.

1907_GardenFeatures_Feature (1)Point of sale systems can print weather-resistant labels in any shape or size you need — which is perfect for large outdoor products. Then, with a barcode scanner, employees can easily walk up to an item and scan it. Alternatively, your POS interface can also be programmed to include a custom button for each product. Instead of walking over to a tree to scan it, the cashier can click a special on-screen button to ring up the item.

When it comes to ringing up items, there are also POS systems on the market that support tablets. Instead of sending customers to an indoor line to check out, your employees can be walking around the premises ready to help with a rugged tablet in hand.

Tracking a Variety of Materials

Real-time inventory and tracking are essential for any retail business, but we know how important it is for garden centers!

No matter the material or measurements, garden center POS systems can keep an accurate inventory count. Track mulch, gravel, and sand by the pound and chain and cable by the foot. When your customers’ transactions go through, the inventory updates automatically, knowing exactly what is in stock by the measurements you prefer. Lastly, you can set automatic reorder amounts so the system initiates a purchase order when an item is running low.

The Perfect Garden Center Point of Sale

Whether you’re just beginning your POS system search or you’ve been speaking to sales reps,  do your research! Ask questions and make sure the hardware and software you’re considering can do what you need. The right point of sale system can make your business more efficient, and over time, increase revenue.

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Published by Gina Obert July 18, 2019
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