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3 Steps to Find the Right Liquor POS for Your Business

What does it take to grow a successful liquor store?

Unfortunately, there isn't a magical silver bullet to liquor store success.

However, what if we told you that there's one simple thing your growing liquor store can do right now to gain a significant competitive advantage? It's simple – invest in a liquor point of sale solution that grows with your business!

3 Steps to Find the Best Liquor POS for Your Business

With so many liquor store point of sale solutions out there, be leery of snake oil salesmen overselling and underdelivering. Moreover, many business owners make the mistake of investing in a set of features only to realize that they need to "upgrade" later. Fortunately, as an industry-leading liquor store point of sale solution provider, we know a thing or two about the features and functions that your business needs to prioritize and the steps your business needs to follow to find the very best solution.

There's a reason why more liquor stores choose to partner with POS Nation. With faster checkout, easier inventory management, and the reports needed to help your store run like a fine-tuned machine, POS Nation is an ideal solutions partner.

Should you choose to partner with us, getting started is quick and easy!

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1. Take Stock of Your Current POS

Start by taking stock of your current point of sale solution. If you're replacing a legacy system, document the tool's shortcomings. Unfortunately, most legacy software simply can't compete with more modern solutions.

You see, most tools lack the features and support you need to manage and grow your system effectively. Before long, you've invested in a thousand different add-ons or "upgrades." Does your current POS underdeliver in any of these areas?

  • Mandatory monthly fees forever
  • Unreliable and outsourced technical support
  • Long-term contracts with personal guarantees and hidden fees
  • Generic software that tries to be everything to everyone
  • Required payment processing that locks you into a long-term commitment
  • Flashy hardware that just can't keep up with your unique needs

There's a better way with POS Nation.

2. Review Third-Party Tools

Be sure to consult third-party vendor resources, including Capterra and Consumer Affairs. Use these resources to capture first-hand software and hardware. Here is just a short sampling of POS Nation testimonials:

I have enjoyed using POS Nation. With each fix or call to the tech team, I learn the system more and more. The POS Nation employees have been wonderful, and the hardware has held up well for the time we have had it - Sean G, Program Director.
My overall experience with POS nation is probably one of the best experiences I've had with another company. From day one everyone that I have spoke with at that company has done nothing but go above and beyond to help in any way they possibly can with anything that I needed - Jennifer A, Store Owner.
I have spent the most part of a year researching most if not all the different POS systems out there. Though there are other systems that would fit my business model, the down fall is a lot of them are cloud-based. With the lack of internet available in Alaska I need a system that I could use without total reliance on the internet. POS Nation was the best application for my needs - Gordon L, Owner.

3. Ask for a Demo

Finally, ask for a demonstration!

Use this as an opportunity to ask these guiding questions:

  • What features do you offer that will serve my unique business/industry?
  • How does the POS system manage inventory?
  • What kind of reporting capabilities does the POS system provide?
  • Does the POS system come equipped with training and support?
  • Is the system cloud-based or local?

POS Nation Powers Liquor Stores Nationwide

To date, POS Nation has helped more than 10,000 merchants.

Lebanon Wine & Spirits utilizes POS Nation's liquor store point of sale solution. As owner and operator Mike Ryan explains, his POS system allows him to better manage his inventory and create custom promotions for his customers. When searching for a POS system for his new liquor store, Mike couldn't find another system that could match ours!


Whether you decide to do business with POS Nation or another solutions provider, knowing the questions to ask can help you get past the sales pitch and to a solution that works well for your unique liquor store. To guide your purchasing decision, we've created a simple Point of Sale Buyer's Guide that provides you with all the information you'll need to find the best POS software for your business.


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