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Tobacco Store POS: 6 Must-Have Features + Benefits

You'll be left behind if you don’t invest in and level up your business.

That might sound harsh, but without tobacco store point of sale (POS) software, you’re missing a critical step to success. You don't want to face inventory management, sales, and customer service setbacks, right? Then it's time to change.

Ready to ignite sales in your smoke shop business? Consider how a tobacco store POS can take your operations to the next level by controlling inventory, managing staff, processing and tracking sales accurately, and ensuring only age-appropriate customers purchase your products.


Tobacco Store POS

A tobacco store POS system allows owners to navigate the unique challenges of the tobacco industry. As a store owner, you might be looking for more efficient ways to manage your inventory, track cases, cartons, and packs — and comply with laws and regulations. You’ve got a lot on your plate!

Without a robust POS system, you risk mismanaging stock, upsetting your customers, and leaving staff unprepared. You could also lose a lot of money. On the flip side, a powerful POS system that’s feature-rich and helps streamline your business is a valuable tool to have.

Let’s dive into six must-have features of a tobacco store POS system.


1. Tobacco-Specific Inventory Management

Keep expenses and overhead costs under control with tight inventory management. Tobacco store POS systems are designed with the needs of your specific industry in mind and has features that enable you to track sales and inventory by pack, carton, and single cigarettes.

Some tobacco store POS solutions enable you to set a retail price for a particular product, plus nine other price levels based on up to 10 vendors. Take advantage of serialized inventory and advanced pricing rules such as buy one, get one (BOGO) free, bulk/volume discounts, quantity unit pricing, and more.

When you have up-to-date inventory insight, you’ll also have a leg up on preventing employee theft, as any stock-level discrepancies can be addressed immediately.


2. Effective Employee Management

Labor is one of a retailer’s largest expenses, so managing employees effectively saves you money. To increase cash flow in your tobacco store, match staffing levels according to shopper traffic.

Your tobacco store POS should feature an employee module with time and attendance records and enable workers to clock in and clock out while supervisors can monitor and make any necessary adjustments.

Tobacco store POS systems can also calculate bonuses, contests, and commission plans by an employee — incentives that can lift morale and performance.


3. Sales and Financial Reporting

“Dead” inventory doesn’t do anyone any good, so turn to the sales and financial reporting functions of your tobacco store POS to gain valuable insight into which products are your top sellers and which ones are just taking up space.

Reporting modules enable you to view the sales performance of each individual vendor and monitor trends, empowering you to make inventory adjustments to fire up sales. Vape sales can be tricky to track, so be sure to accurately and efficiently conduct these transactions with integrated merchant processing.


4. Quick Age Verification

Ensure that you’re selling only to age-appropriate customers with automatic ID verification prompts built into your tobacco store POS.

Incorporating age verification prompts into the checkout process not only protects customers, but also helps you to remain compliant with FDA regulations prohibiting the sale of cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18.

Some tobacco store POS solutions feature scanners that can quickly verify the ID presented by the customer and keep the transaction continuing smoothly (or end it on the spot, if need be).


5. Personalized Products with Custom Cigar Label Printing

Are you looking to stand out from your competition? To make an impression with your customer, consider using your tobacco store POS to print your own custom-designed labels to wrap cigars individually.

By creating compelling and beautifully packaged products, your customers will always have a reason to come back and see what’s new. Tobacco store POS systems can also print barcodes that fit onto individual cigar labels to ensure accurate sales and inventory levels.


6. Customer Loyalty Program

Tobacco store customers are often loyal to a specific brand of cigar, cigarette, or vape — and they purchase them frequently. Fortunately, a solid point of sale solution can help you implement a customer loyalty program that will make your tobacco store the go-to stop.

A quality tobacco store POS allows you to reward customers based on their purchases. You can assign points to certain dollar amounts — like 10 points for every $100 spent — that customers can then redeem for discounts or free products. They'll appreciate the deal, and you'll appreciate the repeat business.


Tobacco Store POS: Welcome to the Future

If you’ve got this far, you know that a robust POS system can level up your tobacco store. But which POS system will benefit you the most?

What is clear is that your POS system should make your life easier. It shouldn’t be difficult to use, but it should be effective and fit your needs.

With a POS solution tailored to your needs, your smoke shop will be sparking sales and profits before you know it. Ready to get started? 

To help you find the right solution for your business, we’ve created a free resource: Retail Point of Sale System Buyers’ Guide.


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