By Gina Obert on July 22, 2016

Ways to Get to Know Your Customers Better

You want to understand your customers, right? Of course, you do. But in a world changing and growing quicker every day, it can be hard to truly know and understand who your customers are. For this reason, we thought it would be helpful to share a few ways you can start to understand your customers better.

Connect with Customers via Social Media

Reaching out to your customers on social media is a simple and effective way to see what your customers care about. Look at group chats to see what customers are raving or complaining about, where it comes to your products and services. If you see a pattern in specific subjects, then you’ll know where you to keep up the good work, or where you can make some changes. Also, with social media, you can answer any questions, run promos, open surveys, and many other engagement programs to better grow your customer relations.

Hold a Business Event

Whether you have or don’t have a physical location in your community, hold an event to interact with your customers. Humans are social creatures, so climb out of the confines of your business and talk to your customers face to face. This allows them to introduce themselves to you and you to them. Building a stronger relationship in and around your business helps improve everyone’s lives.

Consumer Barometer

Take some time to learn about Consumer Barometer with Google. What it does is allow you to gain insight into retail consumers’ relationships to web research, internet purchasing in-store or online, as well as international site breakdowns. Knowledge is key to a successful business, consumer barometer allows you to create and implement cost-effective marketing ideas and campaigns.


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