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How an Intuitive POS System Cuts Cost and Training Time

A POS system that’s easy to use is not just a no-brainer for fast-paced restaurant and retail environments. It’s also an important way to save you money and keep employee training time at a minimum. Discover why easy POS makes sense for your business.

Get Up and Running

One of the reasons why the iPhone and iPad have been so popular in the consumer world is because they’re so notoriously simple to use — so easy that babies and toddlers can figure out that a tap or swipe can get them exactly what they want. Has anyone ever sat a three-year-old down to teach them how to use an iPhone? Probably not. That, in a nutshell, is how intuitive your POS system should be.

An easy POS system should require little to no formal training. In today’s world, most people already are familiar with the kind of touchscreen interface and easy-to-follow icons that many popular POS systems use. Your new associates should be able to figure out the basics of your easy POS system within just a few minutes of engaging with the system.

Tap here and click there, and your fresh faces should be able to grasp the common functions quickly, such as ringing a sale or retrieving customer data. Easy POS incorporates features such as suggestive selling so that staff members automatically know to promote certain products together, as well as packaged commands that streamline ordering.

Because stores and restaurants tend to churn through workers quickly, it’s important that you don’t spend enormous amounts of time training staff members who may only last a few months. But on the other hand, associates may find that easy POS helps them to feel engaged with your business and empowered to make smart decisions and do great work.

Fast and Furious

An easy POS system also saves you money simply by being speedy. If you’ve ever stood around waiting for what seems like forever for your POS system to boot up, you know that time is of the essence in retail and restaurant environments. POS that’s easy to use should complete transactions quickly, getting customers in, out, and on their way as fast as possible. The faster you can ring up sales, the higher the volume of business you can handle, and that’s a win-win for everyone.

Consumers don’t like their time being wasted, so an easy POS system that’s quick and efficient shows your customers that you value their time and their decision to do their business with you.

Today’s POS market is flooded with modern, affordable options, but most of all, POS should be easy. Choosing a simple, streamlined system will make onboarding new employees a snap while ensuring that you can quickly capture every possible sale. Easy POS is a smart solution, a sound investment, and the right way to simplify your store or restaurant operations.


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