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The Importance of POS System Tech Support

There’s always a slight chance something will go wrong when working with technology. Our laptops start to slow down and our phones crash or temporarily stop sending texts. These glitches are annoying, but thankfully, they’re not detrimental.

However, when you’re a small business that heavily depends on the technology of your point of sale system, it’s a bit more serious. In this case, you want to make sure you’re supported when something isn’t working the way it should.

24/7 POS Tech Support: The Harsh Truth

Most point of sale companies claim to be there for you 24 hours per day, seven days per week. But you’d be surprised at the details hiding in the fine print.

Sure, someone will answer your call for help at 10 p.m. — but typically, the tech team’s ability to solve your problem “after hours” will depend on the severity of the situation. An out of service printer isn’t considered a big deal to most tech support teams, and they’ll likely tell you to wait until the following morning to resolve the issue. But for you, not being able to print receipts means upset customers and lost business. Your customers deserve having proof of their purchase — just like you deserve a POS company that has your back.

In-house vs. Outsourced Support

1905_ImportanceSupport_Feature (1)Another thing that point of sale companies won’t share openly is where their support is coming from. You may sign your deal thinking the people you’ve worked with throughout your buyer journey are the same people who will be there to help — but that’s usually not the case.

Most POS companies outsource their support to call centers in different countries, which is not ideal when it comes to getting the help you need. Someone from a call center on the other side of the world is not going to be familiar with your business and your point of sale setup. They won’t have any background on your hardware and software, business pain points, or how your install went.

While someone who is not familiar with your situation may be able to help in your time of need, it is much more effective to work with the same people who have been there for you from the beginning. Having consistent contacts means you won’t need to explain all of the details time and time again — and we can guarantee that your problem will be resolved much quicker.

Helping Small Businesses Think Big

POS Nation is proud to offer high-quality, in-house tech support that is actually there for you 24/7. After all, your success is our success!

Our average hold time for tech support calls is one minute — and you can interact with us by phone, email, online chat, or text message. And unlike dialing in to a large-scale, faceless call center, you can ask for the same POS Nation technician you’ve worked with in the past.

If you have any questions about tech support or investing in a full point of sale solution, contact our team at sales@posnation.com. You can also check out customer reviews to see how top-notch our support really is!


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