Gina Obert
By Gina Obert on February 16, 2014

Backups and Your Business

It doesn’t matter how safe your point of sale system is from intrusions, nor the meticulous care you take in making sure your POS system is free of dust, both accidents and equipment malfunctions can take your POS system down in a heartbeat. What if your new cashier pulls the scanner too far and pulls your whole point of sale system down? Or what happens if your new server trips and spills a customer’s drinks all over your system? If you haven’t taken care to keep backups of all your data and reports current, you could be looking at days, if not weeks, of downtime.

Keeping backups on an external drive or even in the cloud (offsite backups) is important to the integrity and functionality of your business. It doesn’t matter if you use Aldelo, RPE/CRE, CAP, QuickBooks POS, or Salon Iris because each of these pieces of software has a way to perform a backup of your software whenever you want. Some software platforms will even do it automatically for you or alert you when it needs to be done based on some criteria that you have set up beforehand.

Keeping a backup on an external drive is handy. You can take it with you between stores or keep it locked in a safe in case of emergencies. Having your backup in the cloud allows you and anyone else who needs it to access it on the fly as long as they have the credentials to get to it. Did your system go down and you need a new one ASAP? Call up your Product Specialist at POS Nation. They build the system, get a copy of your backup, get your new POS system up and running, and then ship it out to you. Without a backup you would be looking at a lengthy process of recreating all your items, menus and employees – tedious to begin with, worse when your POS system is down and customers are upset.

So take a look at how you keep a backup of your system or if you don’t know how, contact one of your Product Specialists or Support Specialists at POS Nation. They will inform you of your backup options for your POS system depending on your software.


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Published by Gina Obert February 16, 2014
Gina Obert

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