September 15, 2014

Vantiv Acquires Mercury

As you've likely already heard, Vantiv recently announced its intentions to acquire Mercury Payments, one of our biggest partners at POS Nation. Like any merger or acquisition, there can be some unnerving tensions as a business owner. Here at POS Nation, we know how important your payment processor is to your business. First, let us assure you that if you are processing with Mercury, your point of sale system will continue to run the same and that there will be no need to re-integrate your system with an update or another payment processor. There will be nothing that changes as far as your day-to-day business operations are concerned. Although this may seem alarming right now, you will not see any problems processing your credit card or debit card transactions. This acquisition will be a smooth and seamless business transition. We at POS Nation, have, and will continue to have a longstanding and successful relationship with Mercury. You will still receive the same great service with Mercury as you are accustomed to receiving. If you have any questions you can call our 24/7 technical department.

Background of the Acquisition

Vantiv’s goal by this acquisition is to expand its integrated payment systems. Since 2001 Mercury has been a provider of payment processing for small- to medium-sized businesses. Because of recent technological advancements in mobile and cloud technology, there has been a boom in Independent Software Vendors (ISV). This boom has also lowered the cost of software product delivery. Vantiv, along with Global Payments Inc., has acquired several of these Independent Software Vendors with Mercury being the largest ISV acquired to date. Mercury’s Co-Founders Marc Katz and Jeffery Katz will remain on Mercury’s Board of Directors and will still have a major say in the overall direction of the company.