May 24, 2015

POS Nation to Attend the 2015 World Vapor Expo

After attending the 2015 World Vapor Expo in Miami, FL, we're happy to report a successful trip. We were able to share our POS solution with dozens of vape shop owners, but even more importantly, we were able to gain insight and feedback on what the most important point of sale features are to the industry. So, what did we learn?

First, it was great to see the energy and passion in the industry. We hate using buzz words like that, but it's the honest truth. This wasn't just another retail conference - this was more of a lifestyle conference. We love working with passionate business owners because they are the ones that care the most about what our products can offer them beyond simply just ringing up sales.

The second thing we noticed was that many of the business owners operated multiple locations. Being a nascent industry, this made sense to us because that 500-pound-gorilla-of-a-competitor just doesn't exist yet. Instead, the market is fragmented and compiled of hundreds of retailers trying to grow without the threat of a big box (e.g., Walmart or Home Depot) crushing their expansion plans. Bottom line, there's lots of room for growth. 

Finally, from a POS perspective, the most impactful takeaway for us was the importance vape shop owners place on having a preloaded database for their store. With so many varieties of juice, bottle sizes, and nicotine levels, quickly ringing up the correct product can be a challenge.  Being the good listeners that we are, we've already programmed a custom touchscreen menu for the vape industry. Our software allows cashiers to drill down by brand, flavor, bottle size, and finally nicotine level to quickly ring up the correct product. We recently shipped out our first system with this preset menu, and we can't wait for more feedback.

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