August 10, 2016

POS Nation Attends the IPCPR Trade Show & Convention

POS Nation recently attended the 2016 International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) Trade Show and Convention held in Las Vegas. With over a decade of experience working with tobacco retailers, we were invited this year to showcase our tobacco shop POS system.

“We have hundreds of customers in the tobacco retail vertical, and we’re very familiar with the unique needs of these retailers,” Spence Hoffman, senior product specialist for POS Nation, explained. “Most importantly, we understand that IPCPR members offer premium products and serve a premium client base. These retailers aren’t your corner store cigarette vendors. Many of their stores include smoking lounges – think leather sofas and dark mahogany wood – and these retailers are used to working with only the best products and vendors. They expect a great point of sale system and a high level of service and support.”

One of POS Nation’s premier customers in the tobacco industry is Charlotte-based Tinder Box, which owns retail six locations across the Carolinas. Coincidentally, Tinder Box’s owner currently serves as the IPCPR President and brought the convention to our attention.

“Attending the IPCPR convention was great,” noted Product Specialist Ryan Bates. “We were able to speak with hundreds of visitors and vendors about the competitive advantages of owning a point of sale system and what makes us a perfect partner in the tobacco industry. We’re always used to emailing and calling customers, but interacting and speaking to them face to face is the best way to truly meet and understand who your customers are.”

Ryan and Spence also had the opportunity to meet dozens of their existing customers as well as meet up with some of our potential customers who were extremely enthusiastic to speak with them in person to learn more about the POS solutions they were considering investing in.

Taking place in the Sands Expo & Convention Center, the IPCPR Convention is known for being the largest and one of the most significant events on the tobacco industry’s calendar, and we were honored to present our solution to the convention.

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