October 16, 2019

POS Nation Steps Up Onboarding with New Customer Success Team

POS Nation recently added a new department to the team: customer success.

The customer success team was formed to provide customers with a more proactive and personalized onboarding experience. Each customer success manager (CSM) acts as the internal advocate for the customer, and is there to provide guidance, training, and support.

The Customer Success Team Process

The creation of a customer success team allows us to be more proactive with the customer onboarding experience. 

Previously, the customer worked exclusively with our technical team. Our best-in-class tech support assisted with system setup and training when booked by the customer. Because our team was troubleshooting issues only once customers scheduled training or asked questions, it became apparent that the team was in a reactive mode. 

This process made it clear we were missing a vital step. We wanted to provide our customers with a designated team member who could handle their unique business needs and make the setup process more seamless. 

The new process involves more touch points with a customer, which allows their designated CSM to provide training on features specific to their business and to act as the main point of contact. This is not only less confusing to our customers, but it also cuts down on the wait time that small business owners have to set up their new system.

The customer success team works with every POS Nation department on a daily basis. From sale, the CSM is working with the sales rep and sales support coordinator to provide the customer shipping updates and ensure the order is correct. 

Next, the CSM works with a designated hardware tech to set up and test their hardware. They lean on our tech support department to ensure that the customer is always taken care of for setup help, on-site installs, peripheral configuration, and more.

Finally, the customer success team works with marketing for both customer feedback and reviews, as well as promotions. Most importantly, partnering with marketing helps the team with customer retention and satisfaction.

The Benefits of Having Customer Success Managers

POS Nation is a growing company. We believe the customer deserves now, and adding in customer success has allowed the team to improve. Each and every customer can enjoy more individualized service with their customer success manager.

“This new department is working and customers are happier than ever, so we are putting more staffing into our department to ensure each CSM has time to dedicate to their customers,” says Customer Success Coordinator Rea-Lynne Starbird. “We are also focusing on training as a main goal, our hope is that the customers will be better prepared to use their system and will fully understand all the features that are important to their business. Because of this, the customer’s CSM will end up being their internal advocate indefinitely — even after they go live!” 

Overall, customers can expect:

  • an overall improved experience and a timely and streamlined onboarding process
  • more personalized interactions with our team
  • a trusting relationship with someone who is there to set them up for success
  • an internal advocate that can help with anything they need, eliminating the need for customers to bounce between departments

POS Nation is always looking to improve the customer experience and build lasting relationships. Creating a customer success team is helping us provide exceptional service worth bragging about!